Kylie Jenner Posts Family Pics From Photo Shoot

  • Kylie Jenner Posts Family Pics From Photo Shoot
This picture got a little bit of press considering the silly caption. Kylie wrote: "First official photo of my sister and her dad! Like father like daughter!" She clarified that this was only a joke.
Source: Instagram
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  • Pinky Mckinnon
    Pinky Mckinnon

    They look exactly alike. I don't know why they're joking. For real this makes more sense then the Kardashian dad. Think about it people. It really doesn't matter because her real father has passed on. Biologically....hmmmm....

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    She looks so happy, she is beautiful:)

  • Kassy

    lol, read before you type. It clearly says its a joke in the description.

  • Kassy

    Read the description on the side of the picture. Says it all.

  • Daniela Pineda
    Daniela Pineda

    then who is him?

  • Daniela Pineda
    Daniela Pineda

    is these real?? because they look alike :S

  • britney

    if you read the caption that Khloe herself just says its a joke.

  • Alexa Catanese
    Alexa Catanese

    can someone for the last time tell me if this is real or Kylie was joking!!?

  • Sylvana Muttran
    Sylvana Muttran

    wow after all this time , and he`s back into her life as a father mmmm thats strange, its better if she never met him

  • Blak Guy
    Blak Guy

    Khloe looks happy and relieved.