Kylie Jenner Walks in Abbey Dawn Fashion Show

  • The Kardashians Support Kylie Jenner's Fashion Show
The Kardashian family comes out to support Kylie Jenner as she walks in the Abbey Dawn fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City.
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  • Amy

    I think both girls looked absolutely fabulous!!!!! They did a great job! & to those ppl who say they are to young or ect... Your wrong! They have a great support system & they seem like really sweet girls! & why shouldn't they go for their dreams!? Isn't that what we want to instill, in our kids!? They are beautiful , young, & haveing fun! I say," you go girls! You both are beautiful & smart & talented! Don't let the jealous ppl get to you! Have fun! & keep on following your dreams! :)

  • Rabee

    She look absolutely gorgeous like her sisters. Go on girl!!!

  • everlyne

    i think she looks rily nyc and a good influence to her peers she followed her dreams. congrats!!!

  • b

    Umm, she's 2 young 4 all this shit

  • Alycia

    She looks a lot like Khloe : )

  • roxie whitted
    roxie whitted

    She looked awesome and is a beautiful model lml work that runway lml

  • LaShonta Jackson
    LaShonta Jackson

    Way to go girls keep up the good work!