The Kardashians Support Kylie Jenner's Fashion Show

  • The Kardashians Support Kylie Jenner's Fashion Show
The Kardashian family comes out to support Kylie Jenner as she walks in the Abbey Dawn fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City.
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  • mb

    Victoria Secret models are just as skinny now as high fashioh runway models. they just pose strategically to try to make themselves look voluptous, but they are not. jutting hips and padded bras, imo. models should have bodies like Monica Belluci or Sophia Loren (back in the day) none of this pre pubescent look. can't stand it.

  • miss jinny
    miss jinny

    Kylie is getting fatter

  • Monique Pratt
    Monique Pratt

    Such a beautiful family!

  • barbi

    I don't know which is your problem guys!! kylie is thin maybe isn't her angle but she is thin! kendall at the age of 13 it wasn't like now IT ALL and definitely they are different, kendall is for like high fashion but kylie will be kind of victoria secret's body , like a better version of kim and c'mon what do you want? that she become an anorexic or bulimic girl? they are gorgeous ! I mean look her bikini body!

  • Mel

    Yep shes stunnnig!

  • Lily

    Kylie needs to start watching what she eats... Unless she wants to look like Khloe

  • lmw931

    i think they are all pretty i LOVE kourtneys outfit

  • Kelly

    What is with Kourtney's hair???? dont like at all!!

  • Alli

    Kim and kendall look the best but I still love kourtney style and i want her closet soooo bad

  • Jordin

    Kendall looks like Kim but prettier

  • Ale

    Out of all the sisters I think Kendall is the prettiest. Very natural. Kourtney looks horrid!

  • abcd

    kylie has cuter eyes and she's more fun

  • Holly Palumbo
    Holly Palumbo

    Sorry I love Kourtney however that hair do is a hot mess!!!!

  • bratty

    kendall is still the prettiest. really.