Kylie Jenner's 14th Birthday Celebration

  • Kylie Jenner's 14th Birthday Celebration
The Kardashian family celebrates Kylie Jenner's 14th birthday at one of their favorite restaurants, Casa Vega.
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  • natalie

    how cute r you love this pic. and as for the people who can sit there slagging a little ineconcent child off you really have to take a look at your life how can you hate on a child!!!! really people!!!

  • Miriam ...Otara NZ
    Miriam ...Otara NZ

    Mason ..u a handsome armenian boy...U luk lyk yr mummys side ...very goodlooking..n All u people talking shit abt a baby..Uz r all sik..n luk at yrselves..FRIKIN HATERS!!!

  • sona

    he's armenian! that's pretty normal! i mean have you seen megan fox's pic when she was a child?? she was worst

  • Sarah

    What unibrow? you guys are fuktards

  • hahahhaa

    he is ugly not all babies can be cute kourtney

  • Noah

    I disagree... how many babies do you know who have noticeable uni-brows? Not very many that I know of! This could be a scientific breakthrough. With facial hair like that, are we sure Khloe isn't the mother?!

  • Me

    Your such a fucking douche bag. It's a baby, who gives a crap about it's eyebrows. That's so incredibly rude.

  • meli

    unibrow hahahha