Lady Gaga performed the first of

  • Lady Gaga performed the first of
Lady Gaga performed the first of three sold-out shows in Vancouver Canada. Having just come from meeting the queen, the singer was in particularly good spirits. Gaga had 9 costume changes and performed for just under 2 hours. She performs again tonight and friday. This concert appearance is part of her rehearsal for a proper world tour next year in support of her grammy nominated album "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster". 12/9/09
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  • Jesus Arturo Limon Lopez
    Jesus Arturo Limon Lopez

    feliz navidad and happy new year,i love a lady ga ga,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Dennis

    Get your head out of your ass! Oh my god a cigarette, it's part of the act. Maybe you should direct your comments at the pot smokers and the under age drinkers. It's one of the best concerts I have attended. Gaga is definitely in a class of hear own and spoke of her appreciation for Vancouver and Canada on several occasions. And don't forget those energized dancers, they had some great energy! It's so refreshing to see an audience truly encapsulated by an artist, the crowd was on their feet from start to finish. The most disappointing part of the concert was the over zealous security dorks. Rent a cops running around everywhere looking like some paramilitary force from Peru monitoring for drug traffickers. I was three rows from the front and all I could see was the she/he guard directly in front of me monitoring the crowd for people standing in the isle.