Lady Gaga leaving MIT Cambridge

  • Lady Gaga leaving MIT Cambridge
Lady Gaga leaving MIT Cambridge, MA, where she was attending a photo shoot for a new camera Polaroid will soon be marketing. She was wearing a low cut black dress, black sunglasses and a flashy necklace made of glass. She stopped and signed photos and CD's for fans through the window of her vehicle. 6/30/10
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  • patsycline

    I agree, wtf is that?!?! And what are those friggin shiny things? Haha, they say it's "futuristic", well trust me, no one is gonna wear that now, or in the future.

  • sabrina

    ewww wrf is wrong with her she looks so different copying maddona much? i like her much better when she was in poker face with her blonde wig now she jus looks bad SHORT HAIR DOES NOT WORK FOR HER


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