Lauren Conrad's Book Launch

  • Tv Personality Lauren Conrad arrives at
Tv Personality Lauren Conrad arrives at the Vogue Eyewear & Sunglass Hut host the launch of her book "L.A. Candy" at Thompson Hotel on June 10, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California.
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  • tawmie

    If you take naked pictures of yourself, there is a chance someone will see them. And in todays day and age there is a good chance it won't be the person that you want to. Famous or not. 15 or not. Disney star or not. If she is so embarrassed by it all, she should have thought it through a little bit better. I did feel bad for her at the TCA but she put herself in that situation so she is just gonna have to deal with the backlash.

  • monid123

    They are both wrong, Dane shouldn't have said anything about Vanessa.. does he even care about her?? and Vanessa also needs to know what she is doing...I mean a lot of young kids look up to her.. will see whats next hope not a sex tape or something.or else.. i feel sorry for her..

  • kristin

    Vanessa hasn't filmed anything for Disney in over a year so technically she isn't a Disney star. She's a former Disney star. A lot of teenagers take pictures of themselves like that, it's not that uncommon. No one expected a DCOM to blow up as much as HSM so it's not like she could've planned to be how famous she is. I can understand why people would think that Dane's joke was funny but the time/place was so inappropriate. There was no need for that, if you can't come up with good material and then have to call out other people while millions are watching- maybe you need a new profession.

  • awurbii

    Angie: Your comment is absolutely ridiculous!! Just because someone supports her, it does not mean that they have done anything of that nature. I certainly haven't for your information and I don't appreciate people running their mouths about situations they don't understand. Get your facts straight!!If the pictures were new do you honestly think that sites would have removed them?? The technology has revealed that the images are from 2006. She was 15 in the first and 17 in the second but they were still taken up to 2006 before the release of the original images in 2007. E! online, TMZ and many other sites have revealed that the images are old. That is why TMZ did not purchase then when they were shopped around. Get it through your head. SHE DID NOT DO IT AGAIN. I have no doubt that people probably did laugh but the majority did not. There was silence in that room because Dane Cook made the room uncomfortable. She took the images before she blew up to the status she is at now. How did she know that she was going to be this famous?? The teen choice awards are watched by children. I'm sorry but you don't even need to think about it to figure that out. Taking nude photos is not a good thing, I agree. But it is not right for someone to steal them, leak them over the internet and potentially ruin someone's career. It is also juvenile for a 37 yr old man, who has probably done so crap in his life, to insult her in front of thousands of people just to get a quick laugh. It is also juvenile for someone who doesn't have their facts straight or understand the situation, to sit behind their computer and insult someone they don't even know.

  • angie

    Okay to all those people who think that what he did was so 'MEAN'. Wake up and smell the coffee. If you think those pictures were talking a long time ago your really wrong. I'm pretty sure those were taken after HSM because if you watched the movie you could clearly tell that she looks a lot older and mature in the nude photos. + to all those who were like 'OMG THERE ARE LITTLE KIDS WATCHING' it's a TEEN choice award. Little kids shouldn't be watching it if their not teens, and also if it was a show for little kids they would not put Dane Cook on there knowing he says things like that. Someone said that nobody laughed? People did laugh, you could clearly see Whitney from'The Hills' cracking up and she's sitting right behind Vanessa. Trust me...they laughed. Vanessa should have never taken those types of pictures, if she wants to show her so called 'goodies' then go show them off to your boyfriend in real life not through photo. If i took nude pictures and I was famous and they got leaked. Obviously, I'd expect crap about it. Everything has it's limits and if you support her, then obviously you must have done something like that, or you wouldn't mind doing something like that.

  • Tina

    He sucks and he is so not funny Stupid comedians. Always talking smack and they don't know anything.

  • thais

    he is a comedian his job is to make people laugh. it was inappropriate i know, but she really needs to keep her clothes on.

  • Karina

    I'm very sick about him. He's so stupid!

  • Karina

    It was very sorry. I'm sick about him. He's so stupid!

  • Alex

    It was funny for us but her face after he said that was incredable. Sorry of her