LeAnn Rimes Shows Off Bikini Body in Mexico With Eddie Cibrian

  • LeAnn Rimes Shows Off Bikini Body in Mexico With Eddie Cibrian
Newlyweds LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian enjoy their honeymoon together at the Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on May 19, 2011.
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  • Juan

    Leann is also good friends with Jerry B, the pudcroer of CSI Miami, Chase, and many shows that air on NBC & CBS. I remember when the The Awful Truth retracted that article. It just goes to show that despite what they say, these celebs do control what is printed about them. When one blogger wrote about how Leann was encouraging her fans and staff members to cyberbully Brandi, Darrell Brown contacted the EIC of the blogger, wrote a mean and nasty blog about the blogger, and then tweeted that he was going to sue the woman. Another blogger was issued a C & D for also writing about the same topic of Leann encouraging her fans and staff members to taunt Brandi. And notice how every media outlet is ignoring this and acting like it didn't even happen? So Leann controls what certain media outlets write about her via threats of lawsuits, C & D, and loss of jobs, and in some cases she pays them off.It's a shame that Leann's and Eddie's reps are so bad that Leann has to have her pals at NBC and E News fix her image by restricting what media outlets can and can not post about Leann and Eddie . Have you noticed that the media doesn't write anything negative about Eddie and Leann ever and the media outlets that always called them out for their bad behavior all sucking up to EC and LR(ie-Enews, HuffPo, Star mag)? It's very dishonest of E News to fool people into liking Leann and Eddie by only putting out stories with a positive spin about them and then making their staff members befriend Leann, especially since Leann is very good at documenting her and EC bad behavior.

  • Ste

    I don't like her and i don't respect hbuert kissing in front of kids isn't wrong. Come on now.I'm sure Eddie kissed the kid's mother in front ofhim. People kiss their lovers in front of their kids allthe time.

  • Sheri

    I used to watch that show Leann. Skelator!

  • nutellatella

    she has really really bad body!

  • namvet527

    All of you morbidly OBESE LEFT WING LIBERAL HYPOCRITES say LeAnn Rimes is skinny but you say nothing about that BEAN POLE in chief that is FRAUDULANTLY calling himself president, OBIGOT.