LeAnn Rimes Wears Two Different Bikinis in LA With Eddie Cibrian

  • LeAnn Rimes Wears Two Different Bikinis in LA With Eddie Cibrian
Actress LeAnn Rimes enjoys a beautiful day on the dock of a cabin with her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian and friends in Los Angeles on July 16, 2012.
Source: FameFlynet
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  • gross

    There are photos of Eddie flirting with Lizzy while they were vacationing in Hawaii. There is even one of Eddie watching Lizzy's husband as he grabs Lizzy's butt and then being so excited that he then did the same thing to Leann(thinking about Lizzy the entire time he was doing it). For some odd reason the media won't address the issue and instead opts to write fluffpieces like this. I'm shocked by the fact that Celebuzz didn't even mention the fact that Leann's pal is the same one she made out with while her hubby, Eddie, watched. But they only report what they are told to report. Celebuzz, can you please address the true nature of Eddie's relationship with Lizzy? They are not just pals. There is something much more going on! Did you know that Leann follows this site? She was feeding them stories via her fan, so it would makes sense that she would follow them.

  • Mee Oww
    Mee Oww

    this photo says it all about the relationship of eddie and leann.. leann looking at the paps, eddie grinning at liz, liz flexing her ass and probably her lips too, and another guy on the sidelines, just to even the numbers. sounds like heaven at the lake to me... not.