Same Size T-Shirt in Big Daddy (1999)

  • Same Size T-Shirt in Big Daddy (1999)
Even though she was one of the few females opposite Adam Sandler (Sonny Kaufax) in Big Daddy, Leslie was able to hold her own. She portrayed Corinne the ex-Hooters girl and the fiance of Adam's best friend Kevin Garity (Jon Stewart). With the hate-hate relationship she bears with Sonny, Corinne is the butt of many his jokes, but she's able to dish it as much as she can take it. Case in point when little Julian comes to live with Sonny and all three go grocery shopping, Sonny makes a crack about her small attire, "You two got the same size t-shirts on. That's amazing!" She proceeds to hit him. Classic.
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  • sona

    i love this movie!!!! and Adam Sandler! he is just the best!