Friday January 22 2010 Lily

  • Friday January 22 2010  Lily
Friday January 22 2010. Lily Allen performs her colorful set at The Big Day Out music festival at the Homebush Showground in Sydney - her revealing outfit showing off her cellulite! Lily chose a vibrant kaftan for her show as temperatures soared to 40 degrees but as she jumped and danced around the stage her cellulite was clear to see. Lily is currently touring Australia performing what could be some of her last ever gigs after she expressed her wishes to stop work to settle down and hopefully start a family.
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  • Alayna

    It's not photoshopped, but her legs arent that bad.. Thats what happens when you feet impact the ground, skin WILL move. It doesnt stay like that!

  • Kira

    Lily's the best!

  • larna

    anyone have any idea where i can purchase that kaftan... im in love =D x

  • mellie

    I was right up close and her cellulite didnt look that bad. Trust me people Lily looked beautiful on stage. Her smile just melted the crowd

  • Lily

    oh well... is it photoshopped yes or no? :S

  • Me

    I was there and right at the front too - this photo has been photoshopped.

  • amyyyyy

    i was there... they really did look like that

  • Sara

    I was there and right at the front - there has been no photoshopping!!! I was shocked, but she still rocked!!

  • Eve

    This has obviously been photoshopped by the stupid media. People at the concert said her legs looked fine.

  • julie04