Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan Get Ready for Kim Kardashian's Wedding

  • Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan Get Ready for Kim Kardashian's Wedding
Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina Lohan get ready for Kim Kardshian's wedding on August 20, 2011.
Source: AKM Images
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  • Roberto de la Cruz
    Roberto de la Cruz

    lindsay love your dress-you look real good-and your mom

  • KK

    THAT is a terrible thing to matter what...

  • Michelle Tressler Diaz
    Michelle Tressler Diaz

    Sorry, but she does not look sober. Not in the least. It's sad, she used to be adorable and now she's just spiraling out of control. Someone needs to get a handle on her before she ends up like Amy Winehouse, but I don't think there's anyone near her who wants to help. Sad, sad story that will end tragically if she can't turn it around.

  • genejoe

    What kind of j@ck@ss are you? The girl is battleing addiction ------ and it appears that she is on the straight and narrow.It is the HARDEST thing anyone could ever do (overcome addiction). I give her credit just for showing up, sober, with her head held high. Good for her.

  • Ron

    She looks beautiful...her parents are such takers. Wish her the best on a healthy life.

  • JFG

    Really needs to fix the top of her dress! Not attractive at all! Saggggggyyyy!

  • Chris

    Anyone notice how in almost EVERY photo she's hanging onto the rail, or counter top? She looks drunk out of her mind and ready to fall over with the first gentle breeze.

  • anyone

    exactly! i saw this pictures and im in shock! she was gorgeous

  • anyone

    what happened to her lips? and smile?! where's gorgeous lindsay?!

  • GG

    Lindsay, get a new hair color and stylist; your skin looks greasy. Your're much too young to be hanging out of your dress. This is neither the time or place to be on the prowl. Choose black the next time; white is not good on you.

  • TPF

    If only she could get those sagging breasts at least lifted, so her belly button doesn't show between her breast. It disgusting.

  • Charles Almon
    Charles Almon

    Lindsay lip and CHEEKS look so plumped up she can't move her face. Looks a little stoned too.

  • I Would Too
    I Would Too

    you have a penis

  • Lazarus

    Trailer trash wrapped in silk. Pathetic and laughable. an utterly worthless and disgraceful washout, like Amy Winehouse but without the talent. Yet I would still nail her till her eyes popped out of her skull. What does that say about me?

  • Mindy

    You do if the bride requests it.

  • Monica

    Actually Kim had a dress code to her wedding: wear white or black only.

  • 2Cents


  • citygirl

    The dress is beautiful. She used to be so so naturally pretty, what happened?

  • Shannon Taralynne Jones
    Shannon Taralynne Jones

    I think the dress is absolutely stunning!

  • Shannon Taralynne Jones
    Shannon Taralynne Jones

    Kim asked all of her guests to wear black or white!

  • CrackIsWhack

    She looks like Linda Hogan. And you DONT wear white to a wedding. This chick is sooo freaking clueless. From now on she may want to consider wearing a bra.

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else

    What is wrong with you? Your mother never teach you to keep your mouth shut if you didn't have something nice to say?

  • someone

    she does not look beautiful ..she looks haggard and fake. she just needs to die.

  • Allison

    She looks beautiful bless her heart!