Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan Get Ready for Kim Kardashian's Wedding

  • Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan Get Ready for Kim Kardashian's Wedding
Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina Lohan get ready for Kim Kardshian's wedding on August 20, 2011.
Source: AKM Images
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  • ryarya

    I think , when she was a red, and fuller she got the vote, now she just ...........blah

  • CeCe

    Lindsey looks absolutely great. Very healthy & beautyful! Too bad people can't see the the great things in people & say the good when it is in front of them. Give her the credit that is due her. If not keep your mouth shut. How about that......... CeCe NYC

  • Mike

    This little gal is so full of booze and pills she looks sick. And it's a crying shame! This photo shows how well she can clean up. If she would just get clean on the inside, she could salvage her career. Of course her biggest problem is the company she keeps, including her parents, and the lifestyle she tries to maintain.

  • Shelley Chmura
    Shelley Chmura

    I think it is very tacky that any woman, besides the bride, wears WHITE to a wedding! TRASHY!!!

  • Cecil

    That girl is smokin

  • Shannon Neville
    Shannon Neville

    She really needs dark hair, blonde doesn't suit her AT ALL.

  • Debbie

    She looks haggard, orange and the days where she could go braless are looong gone!

  • wowsa

    she does have some great tits...

  • Kim

    Even though the bride asked the guests to wear black or white (even though I found it OUTRAGEOUS that SHE wore white!), someone who respected the couple and their special day (even though I personally don't think this marriage will last a month!), would NEVER have worn white. And if anyone is interested, YES, I AM from the South, and that's a cardinal rule for Southern Belles!

  • Fanny Crespoo Cedeño
    Fanny Crespoo Cedeño

    omG that is too blonde for her , her face like soo oily she is so beautiful lindsay please turn off the light

  • serena


  • serena

    she is very beautiful and i hope she will turn her life around and be the person she once was...even though she had a rough past,she deserves a better future! in spite of eveything that people may say or think about her,she remains a very beautiful and talented actress. i hope she realizez that she still has fans who support and care about her. she looks wonderful in that dress!!

  • CJ Lanzim
    CJ Lanzim

    She Looks Absolutely Beautiful I hope she can start finally turning her Life around if she had her Darker Hair it might go a little Better in that dress But Still She Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

  • someone

    cheap as can be!