Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan Get Ready for Kim Kardashian's Wedding

  • Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan Get Ready for Kim Kardashian's Wedding
Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina Lohan get ready for Kim Kardshian's wedding on August 20, 2011.
Source: AKM Images
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  • Auds

    Good lord those girls are ugly, and they look fake as all get out. I wonder if Dina's teeth are bleached to hell & back or just veneers? Lindsay clearly just got her lips done and it looks awful.

  • KK

    such a sad and misguided life...and I so loved Parent Trap 2...what happened to childlike wonder and innocence?

  • vic

    it's the blonde hair color...too severe...makes Lindsay and her mother look too, too old. Eyebrows are too dark. Read somewhere the other day that Lindsay had Restylin injected into her cheeks and lips for the wedding. Mom's teeth are too fake Chiclets

  • Nancy Burian
    Nancy Burian

    How old is Lindsay Lohan now? Because she sure looks about 35 now and haggard! Hey Lindsay, you better change your ways because your getting old looking pretty fast these days. You and your mom look like sisters. (meaning you look like your moms age) .

  • Ralph

    I think mom looks better than daughter

  • elisa

    how sad all that money and she has no self esteem, she is quite beautiful, but feels she has to adjust to the ugly world of hollywood, how sad. hey lindsey, get away, go to the country and reconnect with natrure, our true mother. -Peace and u are naturally beautiful, God makes no imperfections that man claims to make perfect, u were born perfect

  • elisa

    is she high? i think so

  • Moxie

    Mom looks like a Sea Hag!

  • Barbara Dwyer Wirt
    Barbara Dwyer Wirt

    i cant believe she would wear white to the wedding. it even had the silver, like kims dress, how tacky. lindsey needs to stop trying to be the center of attn

  • pochris

    good Lord...she looks like shes in her 40's....sad really if you think about it

  • catb50

    these two look like skanky Vegas hookers...penicillin anyone?

  • kenzie

    Her teeth look chipped and yellow compared to her moms...

  • John Woodhouse
    John Woodhouse

    they had to blow the Valet to get a spot.,..

  • jud

    OMG she looks as old as her mother. What a waste of space

  • myself

    agree with you 100%. she was so beautiful and talented (still is talented though) and now she has ruined her life and carrer. so sad!

  • aedrah

    lindsay lohan is so ugly. she makes me sick to my stomach. every part of her is fake. fake lips, fake boobs, fake hair, fake nails, fake tan, those are just the parts you see. everything underneath is fake as well. Oh and linday, tell kim kardasian, the millions it took for her to spend on her wedding that won't last 6 months, she could have fed half the starving people dying every day in somalia. all you people make me projectile vomit!!

  • someone

    double eww...get a life you two