Lindsay Lohan Bikinis in Hawaii After Playboy Photos Leaked Online

  • Lindsay Lohan Bikinis in Hawaii After Playboy Photos Leaked Online
Lindsay Lohan hit the beach in Hawaii on December 11, 2011 in a colorful bikini.
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  • mileyismylife

    she and her body are both beautiful. i think she is so amazing and extremly talented. i love you linds.

  • Ariela Cevalles
    Ariela Cevalles

    Thnat's sooo fuckin fun-nay!!! She looks like she needs to take a shit!!!:P

  • Ariela Cevalles
    Ariela Cevalles

    That's nice that SOME ONE has faith for lidsney

  • Jo

    I agree with you Alexa, she looks amazing. She looked so fab in playboy too, even if it was heavily photoshopped. Playboy photoshops all of their shoots to some degree and they're not afraid to admit it. And some of the comments on here about weight DISGUST me. Really. Our society today is all 'give that bitch a burger, she looks like a f'ing twig.' but if she eats one too many burgers, she's a fat ass and a whole slew of other things. I don't see people calling Adele a cow. Why? Because she's successful as fuck, that's why and people are intimidated by that. Grow up, this isn't junior high, people.

  • Clayton

    Willing to bet Al here isn't much for the ladies, what with the intelligent comment about "the bitch putting on some weight". It's nice to see intelligent people like this online, it's truly a rarity. The woman looks pretty good here, that's all that really needed to be said. Foul-mouthed clown.

  • Al

    Finally the bitch is putting on some weight. Now she needs to dye her hair red again and start getting acting jobs, instead of wasting her fucking time and talent, because she's not getting any younger. Britney did it! You can too Lindsay!

  • Calli

    wtf her body looks banginnn'

  • alexa

    how about you post a pic of yourself online and see what other people say? You aren't perfect. If you think that you are, then should get your eyes checked

  • pak31

    If these pics are of a great body then I must need my eyes checked.

  • :/

    come along now everybody its time for the crack head dance start wooooo!

  • alexa

    she has a great body but I don't think of her as hot anymore because of all the trouble she has gotten into. I really liked her during her disney days when she made movies like freaky friday.