Lindsay Lohan Flaunts Cleavage For Sexy Terry Richardson Photo Shoot

  • Lindsay Lohan Flaunts Cleavage For Sexy Terry Richardson Photo Shoot
Terry Richardson hosts a super sexy photo shoot for Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan.
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  • paul


  • Lerak

    It's sad she has stooped so low and craves attention by any means possible. Too bad, Lindsay. You used to be pretty.

  • Julius

    She is so SEXY !


    She's like the daughter I don't have; it's always "Yay" !!!.... I root for Linds!

  • courtneybaaaby

    when you have tits the size of hers, its impossible not to sag, stfu.

  • Doug Glass
    Doug Glass

    Want to see them completely uncovered? Just search the internet. Plenty of fakes but some real ones too. This trollop will be an AIDS source soon enough.

  • Bubba

    I'd bang her like a screen door sagging breasts and all.

  • debbie c
    debbie c

    ewww ! you are too young to have sagging breasts!! Gross!! Ya know you used to be sooo pretty now you are barely recognizable.... its the lips babe , they're too sloppy looking and your nose was shortened too much! Yes I used to work for a plastic surgeon in the OR. If you pass the pencil test your tits are sagging ...looks like you can put three pencils under there. Just wait till you start getting fungal skin infections under the sag....its not fun.. You had your upper lip done too... gotta keep those teeth white now for sure cuz ya can't close your mouth now.


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