Lindsay Lohan's White Hot Mini Dress

  • Lindsay Lohan's White Hot Mini Dress
Lindsay Lohan wears a white mini dress in New York City.
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  • Lewis Crook
    Lewis Crook

    shes still the sexy young that she allways has been

  • mishal33

    thats so mean!! lilo didnt do anything 2 u!!!Leave her alone. if u don't have anything nice 2 say don't say it at all!!!!!.

  • Lita

    It's just so sad to see her now. I used to think she was beyond beautiful. Lesson learned: drugs and hard drinking really can eff you up. And it pays to have parents who actually care about you. That dress would look amazing on me. She should send it over.

  • meatfolly

    First off, she looks terrible - that hair color does not work with her overly fake-tanned skin. Then, the look is terrible: it's a flirty, girly looking dress and she pairs it with a huge, dark, heavy bag and - do I see animal skin shoes?! This is so bad on so many layers.