Lindsay Lohan Spotted in NY for 'SNL' Appearance

  • Lindsay Lohan Spotted in NY for 'SNL' Appearance
Lindsay Lohan arrives at the NBC Studios on February 27, 2012 to pick up her script and meet the cast of 'Saturday Night Live.' Lohan will be hosting the show this weekend.
Lindsay Lohan Arrives to Her Hotel in NYC
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Mercy

    most of these are just make up, you can see it plain as day. if putting on make up is pitlac´╗┐ surgery than every woman on the planet has gone through it .. and some men too .

  • Oji

    wellall magazines put ranodm **** unrelated to the main content now and then they put a ren and stimpy episode that was banned on kids channel in spike tv which is a channel for men not even **** (the episode featured a lot of innuendo), you can find all kinds of unrelated things in your favorite magazines, i dont see anything wrong with thisi mean if they? wanted to put a more suggestive cartoon character they would of picked something like jessica rabbit or put a more realistic looking one