Lindsay Lohan's House Arrest BBQ Party

  • Lindsay Lohan's House Arrest BBQ Party
Lindsay Lohan hangs out with friends for a rooftop BBQ at her Venice Beach home. LiLo is currently under house arrest for stealing a necklace from a Venice boutique earlier this year. June 12, 2011.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Angie

    wow your a bitch, you hope she dies just cause she smokes, she an adult she is allowed to, you cant just judge someone becasue they smoke, its there decision if they want to smoke or not, its like if your out having a drink with your friends and someone says, i hope she dies of alcohol poisioning, you would like that would you, so dont say shit like that.

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    She looks so sexy with a fag hanging out of her mouth! not - hope she does of lung cancer