Love the Look!

  • Love the Look!
Nov. 29: Oh baby it's cold outside, but Rihanna looks cool and cozy in a chunky, funky patterned scarf that pops against her black jacket. No need for lipstick; her nude lips let her rich accessory do the talking.
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  • iloveshoes

    love the hair

  • someone

    fyi that ain't rihanna's real hair so her doesnt get damaged

  • bbmarie

    Her hair will not fall out because of this dye! She has some of the best hairstylest do u really think that would happen please...n her hair is cute! Come on ppl live outstide the one wants cookie cutter they r boring.....this is the entertainment biz!!

  • faienzry

    dat colour didn't match with her face n her skin colour...seriously

  • simplydiffer

    Wait, hold up! Wait a minute! That red shiz on Rihanna head is actually her hair. Watch that die make her lose her hair. Just wait it slowly fall out from all that red shiz.