Mariah Yeater and Baby Tristyn

  • Mariah Yeater and Baby Tristyn
Mariah Yeater and her 4 month old baby boy Tristyn, who she claimed was fathered by Justin Bieber.
Mariah Yeater and Baby Tristyn
Source: Bauer-Griffin
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  • nes

    aww cute lil baby!! it does look like jb no joke!! ...............but dam she be looking old... i look younger than her and im 22! hahaha. -_- !

  • Crystal

    Lots of babies look nothing like their father or mother. I don't think Justin is the father but the kid looking nothing like him doesn't mean anything.

  • Sissi

    Your 32-year-old admitted 20 years .. ck ck ck my grandmother's face mean younger than you ..

  • Micheal Cienky
    Micheal Cienky

    the baby looks just like justin

  • wtf

    she looks way older than, crows feet!

  • wheresmaury

    He does look like the Biebs....IMO

  • iloveyou

    He dont look NOTHING like JUSTIN BIEBER