Mariah Yeater and Baby Tristyn

  • Mariah Yeater and Baby Tristyn
Mariah Yeater and her 4 month old baby boy Tristyn, who she claimed was fathered by Justin Bieber.
Mariah Yeater and Baby Tristyn
Source: Bauer-Griffin
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  • Gin

    Its obviously not Justins. If she wanted people to really believe her that the baby was a celebs, she should've 'claimed' that it was Harry Styles, he looks more like him. But yeah, cute baby.

  • kelly liftton
    kelly liftton

    honestly , this baby looks nothing like justin bieber , and as we all know shes lieing , and all shes doing is making her self look like a petifile .

  • Claire

    I agree all she wanted was attention and money.... not necessarily stupid, think about how much money she's probably raking from these publicity stints and interviews....

  • Krystal-Nehemiah Leonard
    Krystal-Nehemiah Leonard

    She just wanted some attention and that's what she got. Females are stupid i swear.