Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama

  • Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama
Photos of Mariah Yeater, who is alleging Justin Bieber is the father of her baby.
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  • justaguy

    Uh oh...this chicks got the crazy eyes

  • pamela

    pobre bebe esa mijer lo que esta es loca y enferma hay que internarla

  • kahli


  • Fadima Tuta Secka
    Fadima Tuta Secka

    ohh my god shes face is old ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James

    I honestly have to say, "sincerely, shut the fuck up :)" has to be my favorite part of your whole comment! *THUMBS UP* :D

  • NR

    that's attractive... O.o

  • Reality

    she may be targetingg this audience , but if i were her and seeing all these bad comments about myself ... i sure wouldnt want this fame anymore

  • Reality

    dear katrina, people wouldnt be able to find these crazy piks if she never put them up , so obviously , she liks seeing herself lik that sincerely, shut the fuck up :)

  • Get real
    Get real

    You guys crack me up! We are the audience that this "lady" is targeting. This publicity stunt was a way for Mariah to get attention. I guess there's people in this world who will go to any measure to become well-known; who are so desperate to be on TV, on magazines...famous. We have every right to judge her; she asked for it! She's the author of her story. I don't feel sorry for her in the least bit, and I can't stress enough the fact that she is probably LOVING all the media attention she's getting. so don't feel bad. go ahead and give Mariah the drama she so badly wants! it's hilarious to me that there are people who fall for this "juicy gossip" when there are much more serious (and less famous) issues in the world. i suppose the latter is less juicy and more boring, huh.

  • JoselyneKnows

    your comments are always true so thank you! hard to think that people can say things without even knowing her and judge her without even knowing the facts, i'd like to see what they would think if they were in her shoes, if he is the father then SO WHAT its not going to kill you, he's just a teenager who might have made some mistakes but its not fair to judge people on that they have no lives #trueshit

  • That's it
    That's it

    This chick was most likely already pregnant. She scores tickets to the concert...comes home and lies to everyone that she went backstage with JB. A couple of months later she starts to show...and she claims it is his. This will all come out and she will be so busted. Too stupid to think far enough ahead that his parternity test will show she is a liar. Her attorneys are scumbags for taking the case and putting it out there nationally.

  • Taylor

    Dear God, I am praying for that baby... How discusting.

  • Meagan

    Wow. She is really, really gross. If I had to imagine someone in my head that would make up a story like this, it would look EXACTLY like her.

  • katrina

    what the hell ??? who are u to judge on pics if shes a good mom or not?? she didnt put these pics up people went snooping and got them!! yeah she may look off in some of them but we have all posted some crazy pics of ourselves at some time not thinking they would end up being posted for the world to see ur insane!! if u have kids urs should be taken for being too small minded to raise children!! doesnt feel good does it?? so maybe u should think twice before u judge someone u dont know based on pic

  • Matthew James
    Matthew James

    People are so fu**ed up haha But I agree lol

  • Vimzo Vimzoo
    Vimzo Vimzoo

    Go back to biology class.. you Justin Bieber listening retard.

  • Paula

    He must have been drugged up or drunk to hit that....and why would you post pics that bad anywhere online?

  • megannnn

    lmfaoo whos get her pregnant...

  • petrova

    no way in hell. this girl is rotten

  • lina

    perra dejenerada mentirosa ...violadora y ridicula.................pobre estupida

  • Arm Aged Don
    Arm Aged Don

    A bitch like that, I wouldn't let her near a baby let alone have one. That baby needs to be protected. What are the charges for making shit like that up? There are better fish in the genepool for a boy like Justin.

  • Nicoli

    ridiculous this girl

  • m.b

    up the bum no babies, idiot.

  • J.G.

    ^ She'd get knocked up again and blame it on you.

  • John

    I'd stick it in her pooper

  • swagdaddy

    damn!...beiber getting in with them ugly girls..prolly a good f**k tho haha