Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama

  • Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama
Photos of Mariah Yeater, who is alleging Justin Bieber is the father of her baby.
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  • Veritas

    Yes. You are the only one. I see spite, pity,shame and disbelief. Read with a friend who can help you with comprehension. Good luck.

  • Belieber

    Why would we be jealous? No one would make up a lie that Justin is a daddy knowing that Selenators, Beliebers and Jelenators would be against them.

  • Belieber

    Obviously, she's lying. In all the videos I've seen, she's stammering and doesn't tell the viewers anything. And she looks like she would bang a homeless man and then sue him. Justin could have almost any girl in the world and I doubt he would pick her. "He asked to go somewhere private" Please slut, Pattie, his friend and his hairdresser was there the whole time. She accused her ex for the same thing and lost all the money so now she wants Justin cause she thinks he'll buy her diamonds. Dear Mariah Yeater, You are not Selena Gomez. Sincerely, Belieber

  • cebu785

    the look on his face………..”priceless!”

  • cebu785

    the look on his face..........."priceless!"

  • Freud

    Am I the only one who senses a little jealousy in most of these comments?

  • Russianred

    She actually looks better with the tape! Poor thing she looks used and abused; she must be living a hard life. Why would she post these horrible looking pictures of herself. Sad thing thinks she looks prudy.(pretty) LOL

  • Nada

    u think she's crazy ... !! of course she is crazy .. isn't weird that she came out nw after the baby was born by 3 or 4 months .. i mean y nw and if any 1 calculate 4 or 3 months from nw plus the 9 months of Pregnancy it means that justin hasn't even turned 17 .. so how .. and y would he choose her and she is 20 y he didn't choose any girl of his age or any thing ... i think that shows that she is lying .. !!!!

  • Jen

    Rats do have know.

  • hannah

    i mean seriously who would want to bang that i mean this chick looks like a rat with legs

  • GBS

    Who would want to kiss a tackle box?

  • Ruby Martinez
    Ruby Martinez

    i think shes what is she doing?

  • Eww

    lmao. juss would never bang THAT. you gotta have a working vajayjay to bang a person and obviously, he wouldnt make the mistake of wanting to bang a man when he has 237298493286483743209 girls out there waiting for him. IMPOSSIBLE. and even if he was tryin to lose his scent on the gay trail, it wouldnt be to a man. juss sayin.

  • Taylor


  • Amy

    I think she's hopped up on drugs.

  • lara

    she is 20, she has piercings and tattoos, and she is a fan of JB!?!?!?!?!?! doesn't make sense to me, i thought JB made music for girls between 12-16 years old...

  • Denny Shaffer
    Denny Shaffer

    So he looks out over the crowd and sees this chunky frumpy ho and says, "I've got to have her." Naaaaaa.

  • miss

    maybe the guy shoulda used that as protection so she wouldnt have a baby :)

  • courtneybaaaby

    she is clearly retarded