Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama

  • Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama
Photos of Mariah Yeater, who is alleging Justin Bieber is the father of her baby.
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  • Avan Jogia
    Avan Jogia

    Lies everywhere there is a lie. She said that they were mutally attracted to each other on his concert common man there is alot of hot girls out there and he chose her She has done this before to her . Justin is my friend and I do respect him and Selena

  • Amanda :)
    Amanda :)

    If you are really a true fan then why did you spell "belieber" wrong??? Seriously, you are a walking contradiction, it is BELIEBER, not BELEBER!

  • fuck u
    fuck u

    wow if u rlly wanted him for money do something w/ ur life fucken gold~digger p.s. stop making urself look stupid in public

  • bing

    good gawd.. so obnoxious.. with her wacko looks and teeth from hell, i'm sure people would believe her when she goes around saying JB is the father of her baby.. ha!

  • Filloreta Dakaj
    Filloreta Dakaj

    which guy want to have sex with her ? maybe the ones who get refused by cute girls , but Justin Bieber ???Never !! C'mon people this is the way which bitches use to get famous . that baby will feel ashamed when it grows up , of course if it doesn't becomes like mother .

  • Amanda Chiu
    Amanda Chiu

    Still better than lindsay lohans teeth.........

  • Reality

    those are all ifs, ands, and nuttin but a smart mouth lets be logic selena gomez ... her selena gomez .... her selena gomez ... her ... uhmm i'd pick selena gomez -_-

  • Reality

    go away -_-

  • Reality

    aahh , so it runs in the family x)

  • JoselyneKnows

    EXACTLY they could have had sex but she's a big girl she could have had somebody sex with someone else, if she is 100% sure he's the father than good for her she'll see him in court but if not and he isn't the father that embarrasment would be on her she should have tried to make the whole thing more private instead of announcing it publicly its all up to the paternity test

  • eyekantwospel

    She is being investigated for statutory rape because Justin was 16 at the time of the alleged "encounter". If it comes back that he is the father she could end up doing time for that. If he's not the father, it is possible that he could sue her for slander/defamation of character. With the history of her family though, I wouldn't put it past her/her family to make the allegations for their monetary gain. Who are we all kidding, though?? She seems like quite the catch.....

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    Well said Alicia!

  • Alicia Kristine Baim
    Alicia Kristine Baim

    And I think it's amusing when this type of thing comes up. "Oh, look at how nasty that girl is, why would he sleep with HER?" Well, first and foremost, unattractive women have sex and conceive just like attractive ones, and often, they do it with attractive men. I think this lawsuit is absolutely ridiculous and have very little doubt that this girl fabricated the entire thing -- that doesn't mean, though, that I think any young male celebrity is incapable of or unwilling to sleep with a girl who doesn't meet up to the expectations of his fans. Despite his superstar status, he is still a young boy, and he probably doesn't consider himself to be a Greek god that only the most beautiful women in the world are allowed to touch. That he might meet an ordinary girl who charms him with a pretty smile or an adorable laugh or even a great sense of humor and they wind up sleeping together isn't THAT impossible... no matter how OMGHOT!! he is. Jeesh, girls... time to grow up a bit.

  • Alicia Kristine Baim
    Alicia Kristine Baim

    It doesn't matter if he signs his rights away or not, he will still be ordered to pay child support. I worked for a private law firm in Missouri that contracted with the state's Division of Legal Services to conduct child support hearings, and it is a pretty common misconception that if the man doesn't want anything to do with the child, he can just sign away his rights and be done. It's not true -- the law is going to do what is in the best interest of the child, and a selfish father saying that he will give up his right to see his child if it means he doesn't have to pay child support isn't in the best interest of anyone but himself. The court is going to say "that's fine, you don't have to see him - but guess what? You're still going to pay to make sure that the child you created has a decent life." In some cases, they establish legal paternity (and thus a child support obligation) even with a negative DNA test result.

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    everyone keeps saying "he could lose his virginity to any girl" Um who says hes a virgin?

  • Someonewhoknows

    If it turns out he is not the father, then no, she will not be arrested regardless of your "legal" opinion. On the other hand if it all turns out to be false then Justin could possibly sue for slander to his name.

  • Someonewhoknows

    I apologize. The last sentence in my post should be this instead: The only way is if he signs over his rights. But to be able to do this the mother also has to CONSENT to him signing over his rights.------ Fat chance in hell this will happen.

  • Someonewhoknows

    This isn't totally accurate. You receive a letter in the mail from the local DHS office in that area. In the letter it tells you to go to a local testing center at a certain time. When the results are available, then the DHS will file court orders accordingly. It looks like in this case it will be child support. Good fight 20% of everything Justin earns if the tests come back that the child is his. There is no fighting this and there is no way to get around this child support system. The ONLY way is if he signs away his rights. But to do this the mom also has to sign her rights over. GF 20%

  • babygirl3

    How many times do girls say "He's the ONLY guy I've slept with, theres NO possible way anyone else could be the father"...then BAM! He's NOT the father! Then all of a sudden out of the blue, she remembers one "other guy" that she forgot about having sex with after the guy she originally "wanted" to be the father, was ruled out! Just because this girl is taking Justin to court because she is "certain" he fathered her baby, doesn't mean he did!! The crazy woman on "Maury" are positive of their baby daddy too but most of the time they end up being wrong & going through a handful of guys til they finally find the real dad.. then they look like complete liars & sluts on National TV, something they probably regret & wish they wouldve dealt with a different way! This could be her way of getting on the cover of mags, tv, internet ect..its publicity! Good or bad, true or not, people no who she is now & she's got everyones attention, even if it may only be "15 min of fame" shes got people talking now....about HER! I'd hate to be Justin if she is telling the truth & he ends up being the father!

  • babygirl3

    I think that even if he wanted to do a paternity test, he would have to wait til the actual court hearing, which is in Dec...once someone takes legal action for establishing paternity, its all up to the court/judge. Now he has to go to the hearing & have the judge tell him when & where to go to have it done & wait for the court to recieve the results & then notify least thats how it works for "normal" people, but since he's a huge star with lots of $, he may get special treatment,lol! If she would have accused him of fathering her child & asked him to do dna testing BEFORE taking any legal action, then they could of had it done by now & avoided dealing with the court system & their rules....but by the sounds of it, she didn't really give him that option! Guess time will tell!

  • Dee Reynolds
    Dee Reynolds


  • katrina

    lmao haha ha haha!!!

  • katrina

    if they had sex at all it shouldnt matter if hes the father or not they shouldnt charge her for saying we had sex and there is a chance he is the father!! no other woman would be sent to jail for having someone tested who turned out to not be the father!! if that was the case no one would go on Maury!! lmao

  • katrina

    lol so true i mean look at all the celebs that cheat!! i mean everyone acting like ohhh no jb would never do that kinda thing..... does anyone remember the whole brittney spears deal!!!! this stars are just like us hes a man almost lol and that means hes just as likely to do it as anyother guy!! and if he didnt think he was the father it wouldnt be this big of a deal!! he would just take the test and prove her wrong and i dont see why he hasnt already i mean makes me think it may be true!! cause 3 days and u got the results why is this taking so long to prove hes not??? id laugh my ass off if he is that will put a new spin on his little boy image huh!!! lmao

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S


  • Silly Billy
    Silly Billy

    How can a girl get a girl preggers?

  • Amy

    LOL Can you ever imagine Justin tapping this?

  • ana evans
    ana evans

    haha...air 5

  • Jerk

    Beer goggles makes you do strange looking things.

  • ana evans
    ana evans

    how do you know for a fact were you there that night????

  • petrova

    damn this bitch is uglyyy

  • Leah

    Dee Reynolds is so much hotter.

  • Lady

    Let him just take the test and we'll see what happens from there!!!!!

  • Milo

    Paternity - she's the mother, the maternity is already established.




    estupidos gringo,si es el padre o no ,no es el dinero de ustedes.

  • kaca95


  • Sydney


  • Sydney

    If she is asking for a maturnity test in front of a jury I think she must be pretty serious. If she is lying she could be arrested for fraud. The baby is defiantly Justin's. Is it really that shocking?

  • Ashley

    You don't know shit for a fact. I want to see what all you dick riding fans have to say if he is the father.

  • Brea

    Im sorry but she is not even attractive. I dont think Justin would sink that low... He could loose his virginity to pretty much any girl. She looks like a hood rat he would probably be smart enough to put a condom on before hitting that nasty shit

  • electrocuteXOXO

    I know for a fact that Justin didn't tap that. Who goes from Selena to this trick? Hmm...

  • beleber a true fan
    beleber a true fan

    i know right

  • beleber a true fan
    beleber a true fan

    mariah leave justin bieber his fans his money alone stupid little bitch

  • Matt

    Sweet Dee?

  • idaolivia

    oh god why justin would ever ...thats not true and i pray 4 her child 4 having a crazy ass mommy