Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama

  • Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama
Photos of Mariah Yeater, who is alleging Justin Bieber is the father of her baby.
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  • Cody Rice
    Cody Rice

    why wow he with a skank like this

  • CheckingReality

    I believe the correct term you're looking for is naive..

  • Marion Hirth Græsdal
    Marion Hirth Græsdal

    omg she is an UGLY bich

  • Jessica Sanchez
    Jessica Sanchez

    Wow that girl has some balls to say Justin is thw father of that baby of hers!!!!! She just wanted the money, nowing how famous Justin is that all that ugly thing cares about!!! What the hell she just cant go around saying that this person has a baby, she needs to get a life!! Justin is very sweet and would not go do it in a bathroom!!!! Mariah your stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  • Truth

    I personally think it is sad that someone would drag another person through the dirt, just for their own 15 minutes of fame. Clearly the girl is unstable, just check out the interview with "The Insider". She can't even form full sentences, let alone remember the questions the interviewer asked her to answer. She is an uneducated, pathological liar, who has no regard for herself, her baby, or anyone else. The fact that she filed for a paternity test in the first place shows how blindsided she is in the first place. Mariah, you're going to get charged with statutory rape! Also, I enjoy how she also filed a paternity suit against her ex boyfriend, who was the first person who was "definitely her child's father"............. But because she had "sexual relations" with Justin for "30 seconds" he's the baby's father? I don't think so. I also don't think it's possible for someone to you know what in 30 seconds...a bit unrealistic if you ask me. Bottom line, Mariah Yeater is mentally unstable and a pathological liar. I feel bad for the child that is being put through this. I feel bad for Justin who has to put up with such a crazy allegation. I feel bad for Mariah's family, because let's face it, this is just embarrassing. When Justin takes this paternity test and it proves he's not the father, I hope Mariah takes a good look in the mirror. You can't do this to people and get away with it.

  • danyy

    Dear Lord.

  • Reality

    so its settled , your nave and 13 ... you couldnt possible know more than she does .. and i wanna kno .. did you lik your own comment, that ishh only got one like :)

  • JoselyneKnows

    seriously -__- , first of all to anyone who says that she could have you arrested for making such threats, and second of all before you start making all sorts of threats learn how to read and write and im only 13 so if your older than me thats really sad, not saying that that picture makes her look insane because it does JUST BACK OFF its not your life she's messing with and if he is the father are you still going to kill her, seriously GET A LIFE.

  • eyekantwospel

    Who WOULDN'T hit that?? I mean...come on. She's special.

  • chase michalski
    chase michalski

    im pretty sure this isnt real. shes ugly as fuck and he could bang a girl that is a million times better lookin than her

  • Austin Barbian
    Austin Barbian

    this is what he did to her backstage. Lmfao

  • Taylor

    Hahaha Can anyone say EMBARRASSING? :P

  • Amy

    LOL if the girl was actually cute, maybe then it would be belivable..

  • Soua

    What the fuck did justin bieber just fucked??

  • Soua

    What the fuck did justin bieber just fucked?

  • belieber

    argh, she annoys me so much. why would bieber have a one night stand with her? he goes out with selena. plus he don't believer in sex before marrage. she just needs to back the fuck down.

  • kaca95

    KILL THAT BITCH!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Meli
    Justin Meli

    imma kill dat bitch but u know wat shes a fat lie no ofence

  • Ronda Lopez
    Ronda Lopez

    ^^^^I meant he Did NOT sleep with her! I made no sense haha

  • Ronda Lopez
    Ronda Lopez

    Oh my goodness she is freaky &nd ugly,,, I don't think the Biebs did NOT slept with her. People got some nerves now &nd days!

  • ofb

    Wow...looks like alot of fun in the sack...but based on the photos, seems nuttier than a fruitcake

  • Delilah E Perez
    Delilah E Perez

    Just sad!!