Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama

  • Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama
Photos of Mariah Yeater, who is alleging Justin Bieber is the father of her baby.
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  • Naveen

    I wish her all the best, It's just kind of unfair how easy some poeple have it in live, but I'm not resentful and not too bad either. She sure is a cute girl blessed with beauty and charme.

  • Guest

    And so? She is a large. O.M.G. That's so bad. Mkay.

  • Guest

    It is called hip bone darling not a "muffin top." Apparently you couldn't come up with a better insult to suit this woman who by the way IS A HUMAN BEING, but lets just make ourselves lower than dirt and act like assholes. YAY!!!

  • justaguy

    I'd look at her....hehehe

  • Too cute for you
    Too cute for you

    Idk about. You guys but I think we should keep that to our selfs...js

  • Concerned parent
    Concerned parent

    I feel dumber having read these comments. All of you need to stay in school. I'm not saying I'm perfect but most of you sound like retards. I'm very scared for the future of this country if we have to depend of idiots like you all to run it. Do you all not see the current problems in this country? Please, do yourself a favor and continue your education.

  • NotJustin'sBabyMamaThat'sWhoIAm

    Poser. And omg im so sick of skinny girls giving themselves muffin top for more "curve" Jus happy with ya got and put on underwwear ur size and go find another baby daddy. Hmmm try Charlie Sheen! thats more believable babe. p.s I agree with Katie noone cares we just think its funny

  • katie

    -its really stupid how everyone is wasting your time,wearing about this hoe.k?no one really gives a fuck,she just wants attetion thats what everyone is giving her

  • Fadima Tuta Secka
    Fadima Tuta Secka

    i love all ya comments

  • Get real
    Get real

    Yes, leave it to the Big People. LOL!

  • Mrs.Bentley

    people like this have problems but does not give you the poeple commenting the right to bully her. leave it in there hands it is ok to have feelings towards this but there is a time and place for things and the things u guys are sawing can hurt some one. you guys need to chill and get back to your life and let the big people deal with this.

  • Baby your hot bang me
    Baby your hot bang me

    Omg wow if this is all true justin might be blind cuz to bang someone like hur! Oh wow poor little kid you just using him fo publisity and money! hoe

  • Will

    no wonder he cummed in 30 seconds

  • Malik

    all you girls are retarded. i agree with the metal chick all you bitches should be kicked in the face for listening to this shit. grow up and find a real fucking man instead of fawning over a prepubescent pop star wanna be

  • kare

    all beiber fans and their moms have utters its a giant freaking herd out there XD grow up and listen to real music like gwar, lamb of god, devildriver, amon amarth, etc. remember it's only a show if you get a fucking battle wound from it.

  • Alexa

    she looks like she has utters...

  • JoselyneKnows

    you should learn how to spell.

  • courtneybaaaby

    yep lets just rape 10 year olds

  • ODB

    Idk bout u guys but I'd smash lol

  • Eww

    Get a grip. She is curvy, but she is ugly and showing off the body that noone wants to see/

  • Eww

    Broo this is grosss. he would probobly rather bang a ten year old girl than this bitch. NOWAY.

  • Rehab Bunny
    Rehab Bunny

    She's not fat. She has curves. Get it right.

  • Leslie Elizabeth Warner
    Leslie Elizabeth Warner

    yeah right why would a celeb have sex with a 20 year old scum bag that is obviously fat.

  • Leslie Elizabeth Warner
    Leslie Elizabeth Warner

    He isn't a dirt bag he's a celeb. Call Dr. Phil

  • BambiB

    Bieber did it! The kid has a kid! If not, a DNA test will quickly prove otherwise, so there are only two reasons to make such a claim: 1) He did it, the kid is his, or, 2) The broad's a skank who just wants some publicity at any price. I think it's the first one!

  • beber naturd
    beber naturd

    Beb, you should have worn a rubber!

  • Amanda Lovin MrFugate
    Amanda Lovin MrFugate

    gurl dats a rap case u r 20 he is 17 16 at da tyme and u have a 3month old dats 7year stupid

  • Hilda Rockson
    Hilda Rockson

    jx another crazed fan tryin to seek attention

  • larissa

    Lixooo mentirozaa

  • lina

    porkeria eso no se lo come ni un perro

  • suddy

    eeeehhhh....I'd hit it............with a baseball bat...

  • eww

    LOL,i think she deserve to be in jail..anyways,if you see her face compare to selena?i dont think justin is buying her foolish business..Godbless to her and her angel,i hope she doesnt use her baby just for fame..sad to know that:(

  • honest person
    honest person

    Obviously she's a hore!

  • ash

    justin is now officially gay. (if he lost his virginity to this chick)

  • J.G.

    I think I just puked in my mouth.

  • swagg

    honestly this just makes me laugh!

  • javi

    you have to be drunk to bang this bitch or putting a paper bag on her head.

  • jswager

    way to ugly

  • jswager

    just tro ugly to bang

  • jswager

    g bang and plus u might have crabs any way justin come on man prove this btch wrong be a man and go on muary and prove her wrong i beleave in u p.s. bitch u uglyyy

  • ana gonzalez
    ana gonzalez

    ummmm she wants money i dont think justin would even look at her

  • miss.rouso

    why would you post a pic of yourself wearing underwear way too small.. get a grip.. you're a L not a SM

  • Lix

    Muffin top