Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama

  • Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama
Photos of Mariah Yeater, who is alleging Justin Bieber is the father of her baby.
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  • A

    Yes, because if he had the chance to be with Selena or ANY OTHER GIRL HE WANTS, he would pick her. And be stupid enough to NOT use birth control on top of it. The only way that happened is if she drugged him. Ok everyone out there, her or SELENA??? Come on.

  • abana

    im not too sure about all the baby stuff but that girl needs her hair me k haha

  • jrock

    must be those sexy ass butter biscuit teeth that turned him on!

  • Jesus

    Haha mature and boy dont go together in the same sentence boys arnt mature thats why they are boys! your just upset that he didnt knock you up instead the kids 17 no 17 is mature especially if they are rich and famous I cant wait to find out about his drug addiction

  • HannahB

    Pathetic little liar! Its a case for lawyers not the police. When you get older you will remember how you told everyone this silly little lie and feel really embarrassed. My sister works with the rich and famous and could have anyones number she wants its on her works system for a very big company but she wouldnt give it out to me or anyone!

  • brooke

    i have justin biebers phone number mymomgot it because she is a police officer and she is working on the baby case.

  • Darian

    BACK OFF JB continue with ur job and earn ur own money that way cuz he aint the father nd the only reason ur doing this is bcuz u wanna be known and u want money earn your own money nd dnt tke anyone elses

  • Ariana

    u rlly think justin wud get with a 20 year old, the only reason ur doing this is because of money now back off nd go find ur real baby daddy

  • Lindsay

    Oh and yea, how dare you not know everything about Justin Beiber! Holy crap! wonder if its because.. I dont know... who THE F*** CARES?! I have a job! how do u have time to even know everything about a stranger???weird.

  • Lindsay

    Yeah hes 17 ...and so mature another 17 yr old would put up with him??. LOL! OK, if he was dating someone actually older than him that might make some sort of sense. But...isn't his girlfriend a DISNEY actress? None of those kids are right in the head. Are you currently 17? Orrrr do even remember being 17? A penis is a penis whether it's covered in jewels and headlines stating "GOOD IMAGE BOY!" or NOT.../ IMAGE- image...nothing more, nothing less. Peewee herman had an image of being a loveable childs character but then spent his free time masterbating in movie theatres...This Penn state coach had a phenominal image, but then he let his partner saudomize children, so theres also that. I could go on... Theyre celebrities, anyone who says they "know " someone they've never met, never will meet, never gonna even show on this celebs radar, ever... you might be a little obsessive. next thing we know YOUR going to be on Maury with Beiber saying he knocked you up. but what's really real, is that hes a 17 yr old boy. They make mistakes. :/ Who knows. no one. thats the point. We'll know soon. Either turn out,it was a hilarious happening.

  • bing


  • HannahB

    I think you will find you worded that wrong! People with ugly personalities like you will be deemed the ugliest. Have a nice life :D

  • HannahB

    Looks only mean everything if your shallow.

  • HannahB

    Even if the paternity test comes back and he is not the father doesnt mean he never slept with her. Like I said its very hard to believe her and I personally find it very hard believe her but we will never know. Only her and Justin know the truth and whoever else theyve told.

  • Reality

    "just because shes ugly doesnt mean he would sleep with her" blah blah blah blah excuse me lets check reality who wants an ugly girl???

  • Reality

    i am , shes lying ...

  • Reality

    1.) tiger and bill are grown men ... hes 17 2.) if we know nothing about him ... what makes you so sure he does what we cant believe?? 3.) WE invest too much time??? you just wrote a whole effin paragraph -_-

  • Reality

    1.) hes 17 (shows how little YOU know about him) 2.) uhmm he does hav a clean image?? 3.) he IS mature ... otherwise , selena gomez wouldnt waste time on him

  • iaming

    think it says Grand Cayman

  • katrina

    how the hell do u know??? U dont know him and look at all the other celebs people put up on a pedistal just to have them fall on their heads!! hes a 16 yr old kid so just like all other kids his age he is subject to do anything!! just cause u think his image is too good to do this doesnt mean HE is too good to do this just cause u like him doesnt me hes capable of no wrong!!

  • shayna.lane

    we live in a world where looks mean everything add in the fact he's a celebrity I just don't see it happening I pretty dam sure he could have any girl he wanted he doesn't seem like the type to settle for whatevers there. This totally sounds like a life time movie normal girl cons rich guy inside workers hiding the truth to get a cut of the money its all possible people are ruthless these days, the thought of money makes people crazy and they could care less who gets hurt just as long as there pockets are full I doubt this will be the last time someone pulls a stunt like this I just hope it is worth it if it turns out the baby isn't his.

  • HannahB

    Should just add to that I do find this hard to believe however none of us know the truth. So whose to say she is lying and whose to say she isnt?

  • HannahB

    So because you all think she is ugly means Justin didnt sleep with her?! LOL Its not all about looks you know. Im not saying Justin didnt sleep with her because I dont know just like the rest of you dont know! and by the way I am a belieber! I just hope that if Justin is the father he will do the right thing and be in that childs life.

  • Ashley

    She looks a lot older than 20.

  • Flying Brick
    Flying Brick

    I guess ol' girl got some Bieber-fever...he smanged it up real good...Justin "Babydaddy" Bieber...

  • Amy

    This bitch has to be trolling. Justin would choose you over me? Only in your #imagines which you took too seriously.

  • E-Money

    No way in Hell. She looks like a That she has been rode hard and put away wet. She is ugly and Justin would never touch her. He has no problem getting a Hotter girl then that.

  • Tristan Avenged Thielman
    Tristan Avenged Thielman

    No, Its the same Bathroom Ben Rothlesberger raped the woman in!! DUH TRENDING! LOL

  • D. Gabriello
    D. Gabriello

    a.e. he doesn't seem mature to me considering all the interviews i've seen of him. some talent yes, but not articulate and just a typical average teen boy who is only exceptional as he's a rich, entitled superstar. he could easily get into trouble if his mom's not around enough with all the yes-men around him getting paid off. and a lot of very religious people (as he claims to be) are hypocrites who don't get the birds and bees talk from their religious parents and have sex on the sly anyway.

  • laughing at you all
    laughing at you all

    you all say that you know that he would NEVER do that... you sound like Tiger woods fans, Bill Clinton fans, and fans of every other celebrity that has a sex scandal and just know that your idol would never do something like this... When in reality you know nothing about this person except for what him and his pr team want you to know and base your beliefs off of that... he's a horny, rich, teenager, I bet he does a lot that you bieber fans wouldn't believe. Grow up, let him take the test and go from there... Peope invest too much of themselves into celebrities that will never know or care about any of you... seriously all they care is if they are getting your money from buying their products....

  • reese5

    can anyone make out the logo of the lanyard around her neck? Would be interested cause these days, all it takes is a hospital employee, or casiono/hotel employee, etc. I mean, this girl says that she took his virginity, yet makes him sound like someone who has done this many times. Then says, 'she could tell he didn't want to exchange numbers', please! With all of the young women that he has to choose from, current girlfriend as an example of his taste, I DO NOT think that this young man is the father of this child. Is there already a plan in motion to somehow change some test and promise somebody a piece of the cut if they say he is, yes, very possible. I would find out what that lanyard is, everything about her, and demand several paternity tests done at independent and undisclosed labs.Then if I were his Mom, I would insist that charges be brought against her, since he was a minor and she was not. There is just NO WAY!

  • a.e

    justin would never do something like that and if he did he would take responsibility and be a father to his baby. he's to matture of a boy to not take such a big responsibility.

  • a

    he would never

  • guy

    is that the same bathroom her and bieber had sex in?

  • miss.rouso

    umm.. no.