Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama

  • Mariah Yeater: Justin Bieber's Alleged Baby-Mama
Photos of Mariah Yeater, who is alleging Justin Bieber is the father of her baby.
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  • Melissa Bennett
    Melissa Bennett

    I don't understand why anyone would think that Justin Bieber would cheat on Selena Gomez with someone that looks like Mariah Yeater. Seriously..

  • 6b's

    but!! the baby doesn't loook like him normally babies have most things for dads than mom O.O :O

  • Jennifer


  • Amanda

    well if you know her do you know who her babysdad is cuz she sure in the hell dont lmfao

  • kahli


  • Unholy Sinn
    Unholy Sinn

    Oh, and I forgot to add something. GO FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO THAN FOCUS ON THE STUPID CELEBRITY SHIT THAT DOESN'T MATTER! How about you guys go look and see how fast America is falling? How soon we are to an economical explosion and how close we are to destruction? How about you go worry about those instead of sitting here bitching about some fake "Hes the daddy" bullshit that people have pulled SO MANY TIMES. Who CARES if its his kid or not? Who cares about any of the shit the celebrities do?! Why the fuck SHOULD we give a shit? Its THEIR business NOT OURS. The paparazzi should go get a life. The very fact that we are more worried about celebrities then we are about anything else, worries me. It SCARES ME HOW MESSED UP THIS GENERATION IS. Stop worrying about the pop stars and go take a look at America's poorly paid SCHOOL SYSTEM. When America goes down hill and the government isn't able to afford to educate everyone and to keep the schools open.... I WILL BLAME ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SAT ON THEIR ASSES AND DID NOTHING BUT WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT WAS COMPLETELY INSIGNIFICANT! ALL the people who worried about which Celebrity screwed or cheated on who and blah blah blah. I mean seriously. Give this a thought. And if you actually get it.... SPREAD THE WORD. Spread the word about how America is failing. Spread the word about how Celebrity life DOESN'T matter. Spread the word about how the school systems are poor and failing because everyone is more focused on stupid things! Spread the word. Maybe some day it'll get us somewhere. Hopefully, it won't be too late for us.

  • Unholy Sinn
    Unholy Sinn

    Oh dear Jesus. Look, I'm going to put it down like this.... I do not like Justin Beiber. His music is not that great.... And he still needs to hit puberty... REGARDLESS of this fact, this child is obviously not his. I mean SERIOUSLY, why would he be so willing to come take the DNA tests to prove its not his if it really was? -_- And to the uh... INSANE psychopathic Beiber lovers..... Please, for the love of God, get a LIFE. You will most likely NEVER meet him. He will NEVER know you even EXIST. So get over it. You can love his music, think hes hott.... Whatever the fuck you want to do. But STOP OBSESSING. The obsessiveness I see in his fan HORRIFIES me. You all act like your will to fight for the death for him, when you've never even met him and probably never will! You are not his friend. You will never be his friend. He may "love his fans" but remember.... When he says this he is not specifically calling "you" out and saying "Hey, babe, I freaking love you". He loves you as a celebrity loves his fans. As a dog loves someone who throws him the ball(and even that is a little too personal!). You guys pay to listen to him sing like a girl and go to his concerts. He loves the fans because they make him famous and give him tons of cash. That's it. That's all there is. So please, extremely obsessive "Beliebers".... Go see a therapist, a doctor, a psychiatric.... SOMETHING. Talk to them about your obsessiveness.... And help your mental health by getting over him. Also, this woman is really not ugly. Shes not the most attractive in the world.... But you also have to understand that her "muffin tops" come from HAVING A KID? Or did all the judgmental people forget that she had one? Lawl. I'de LOVE to see you guys after you had kids- and if you don't have some amount of fat built up around your midwaist, then you can complain about her being "fat". She isn't fat. INFACT, If you actually look at her- shes skinny! The ONLY fat part about her is her midsection and that my dear fail trolls, are due to HAVING A FREAKING CHILD. If you didn't know this, you seriously need to go study the effects of pregnancy on a woman's body.

  • cheyenne

    omg she is old looking but what if it is his baby

  • Juliana

    So what if Justin Bieber is or isnt the father of this girls baby?? If it is hell have to pay child support if it isnt then the girls gonna look dumber than she already does I saw her interview and she did nothing but stutter and she went to jail for domestic abuse for hitting her x boyfriend that is also said to be the father of this child for the first persons comment on here its really not the babys fault and nothing should have been said about an innocent child that cannot speak for himself and for the person ranting that you pay tax dollars to take care of people who are on welfare apparently you have no idea how it is to be a single parent I am a single mother of 3 my husband left us and lives with a new gf and doesnt pay child support and I work a full time job and my tax dollars go right back to me i dont agree with a lot of these things but if i didnt have the help that i do my kids would starve or not be clothed because they would be fed I just think people really need to grow up you dont know what its like to be anyone but yourself so before you point fingers at someone think about it we all have problems some make take their problems easier than others but before you start pointing your finger make sure your hands are clean!!!!!

  • Shyanne Torres
    Shyanne Torres

    lmao ! talking bout how she shouldnt say that about that baby ? you dont look any better saying you wouldnt care if he died . like wtf he did to you ? nothing . your just some hater , yeahh her saying about the baby is like fcked up but you saying it bout justin is wrong to . what if someone said that bout you ? it would hurt right ? My Point .

  • Estefania Belieber Forever
    Estefania Belieber Forever

    Justin Bieber is not the father I only say that Justin Bieber is with Selena Gomez and also believe in Justin. And if you think justin is the father as you want not the father: D also as you know him you tell by your face? you're dumb forgiveness but do not think I BELIEBER and never stop believing justin bieber And if you be whole again m; JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOT THE FATHER (;

  • awesomeartifact

    I am not really a fan of justin beiber, but I feel really bad for him. but this is just ridiculous!

  • Aerial

    Kay, uhm. FIRST off. How old are you?! Like 12? Really, I get how you think she's ugly. I really do. Because she is. She looks like a heroin/crack addict. Not surprising. But the fact that you'd have the nerve to say anything about a baby like that pisses me the fuck off. You need to learn how to watch what the fuck you say. I'm not a JB fan. Matter of fact, I personally hate him and his music, and I couldn't care less if he got murdered by a meth addict and fucked in a ditch on the side of the road. But if he has a kid, oh fucking well. Deal with it. Saying shit like that on the internet makes you look like a psychopath, and if I hear about JB getting murdered sometime in the near future, I wouldn't be surprised if it was you. You're an ignorant ass. Don't say shit like that about a baby unless you wanna get shot.

  • Alex

    everybody shut up. I hope to god this is true, but no one is stupid enough tod do that skank. beiber's a bastard but I can admit he can get much finer ladies than that. i <3 the magazine article, It's a lie. Beiber's never had his first time #fact. twi-hards and beliebers: you are a dying breed, thank fucking god. Cant wait til you're all gone and Beiber's balls finally drop.

  • Jessica

    I'm not a fan of Justin's, nor will I ever be one. But honestly, this girl is trying to get in her 5 minutes of fame. So everyone just calm down. There are more important things to worry about in this world.

  • ArmyWifeAndPROUD

    I don't think this is true. However if it is I'd love to see the courts give full,sole, legal custody to JB. Strip her rights as a mother. It's clear she can't take care of this child.

  • message

    I think she should be afraid that she could be charged with statutory rape.

  • PJ

    i wunna see a pic of her with Bieber ; sinve i heard she sed they met backstage ; don't yu think the first thing they do is take a pic w. Celebs? like really ; she just want fame n publicity n get money ; smh


    How about women start handling contraception themselves instead of trying to blame dead beat dads? There is no reason a woman should have a baby before she is emotionally and financially ready. NONE. Mothers are just as much to blame. And when someone is sitting at home with their three illegitimate children, chain smoking and posting on facebook....I get kind of annoyed that I work 60 hrs+ a week and can't afford my shit.


    They 'write'. Reporters 'write'.


    Bahahaha. This is amazing. I hope he is the father. Every Tween in the world will be bed-ridden with grief for three whole days until they find someone else to latch their crazy, parasitic little mouths on....I do kind of feel bad for the kid though. Either way, it's mom is bat-shit crazy.

  • Douglas Martin
    Douglas Martin

    holy shit i know her and im in one of the pics thats fuckin nuts

  • Reality

    how much you wanna bet she dropped high school or didnt even go to college???

  • Reality

    then why do ALL her pictures make her look bad??

  • Reality

    obviously you do if you didnt care , why did you comment anyway??? thanks for contributingg to this page

  • Reality

    ^^^^^^^^ so why are you talking?

  • Reality

    soooooooooo , ima big fan of jb ... but galll you went a lil too far o.o

  • awesomeartifact

    Ya, this is so clearly not his child for so many reasons. number one, the girl who is NOT his baby mama fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. number two why would he risk the millions of dollars he makes a year! number three you and i both know he's a nice kid, he would never do this. and last she looks so so so trailer trash, stupid, and hillbilly red neck i have probably laid my eyes on. you all know justin bieber is a nice little boy he has a very cute girl friend selena gomez and a nice loving for everyone out their you have a brain, use it. P.S. he is big she is not she is doing all of this for attention and money. and remember desperate people do desperate things, and she has NOTHING to loose!

  • biebergurl

    i think ur right how old r u. u seem vry wise

  • Krystina JuneBug Crim
    Krystina JuneBug Crim

    What the fuck did the baby do BITCH???? It didnt do nothing so you need to SHUT UR FUCKING MOUTH BITCH!!!!

  • Not a fan, but....
    Not a fan, but....

    Also, I hope he countersues her for slander.

  • Not a fan, but....
    Not a fan, but....

    I am not a Bieber fan, but like he would pick HER out of allllllll the girls in the crowd? Yeah, right. ISH. She has meth face and gross tattoos all over her muffin top. Why would he bang HER when he could most likely have his pick of an actual HOT girl at his one of his shows? This girl needs psychological help.

  • JoselyneKnows

    YOU HAVE TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME, you should be treated in an insane hospital "mrs.bieber' its people like you who just piss me off because 'you would do anything for justin' -.- your probably just some 9 year old stalker who went to a concert got a t-shirt and thinks that he is yours forever and ever,FUNNY que ella piensa que Justin le pertenece a ella, bitch go choke on his mandingo and fall in a ditch, blaming the baby who the fuck are you, so what are you gunna do if he is the father?

  • Dee

    Maybe she needs Maury or Dr. Phil HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isabella

    Fuck you!!! what the hell did that poor baby do to you!! nothing! leave the baby alone and focus on its mother that ugly ass bitch! but leave the baby alone you stupid dumbass fan!

  • Tiffany Ruzicka
    Tiffany Ruzicka

    why would somebody want to destroy somebodys fan and realationship and carrer like tht wat a joke

  • K

    Pleaseeeeee this another lie. People will do anything for attention and money. In a few months she'll be long gone and forgotten. As Justin Bieber said... this is "sad".

  • Lizzy, a non-belieber.
    Lizzy, a non-belieber.

    This is highly amusing, and the fans being so enraged just makes this story even more awesome. First off, his music is unimaginative and just bad. Secondly, he would have been only 16 at the time, making this a statutory rape case, even if it was consensual. Third, only 30 seconds? I feel bad for the poor chick. She probably didn't even have enough time for it to even feel good. I hope it is his baby.

  • Isabella

    Have we all not forgotten about the rumors how people thought Justin had sex with Selena? He's 17 reporters need gossip to right about and this is one of these sick sick stories. First I wanna say somthing: 1,000s of girls go to Justins concerts. Out of all the pretty girls that showed up why would he choose to lose his virginity to that ugly ass bitch? Really think about it! It dosn't make sense! I feel bad for Justin but this isnt the first rumor and i "know" it wont be the last one. And I wanna say about mariah: Get a life!!! Stop wasting your time trying to ruin Justin's life and be a "mother" to your baby. He was 16 and she was 19 when she "claims" they had sex together. If she plotted this scandal she didnt do a good job with the facts cause he was "16" she was "19" she was an adult and it should be her that needs a lawsuit for agreeing to take his virginity in the first place!

  • iaming

    The girl could have serious emotional/mental issues however ....for the moment her name is famous..maybe that's what she seeks to achieve

  • Leslie Elizabeth Warner
    Leslie Elizabeth Warner

    Hey I'm not ugly and yet I have posted and those are great words.

  • HannahB

    How can you say that about the baby?? Your sick in the head!!! Your clearly just jealous and scared incase it is his baby....Your a freak...get help.

  • Nina

    She is seeking support then she wont need assistance. Single moms wouldn't need welfare if the fathers paid up. Blame the deadbeats not the mothers. Collecting assistance is stealing by the way. Get a clue wacko.

  • Nichole Day
    Nichole Day

    its not abnormal for a 7 year old to have a crush on a pop icon. its actually quite normal. I had a crush on joey Mcyntire and donnie wahlburg from new kids on the block at that age. and my little sister was in love with justin timberlake when he was in nsync at that age. all the girls i went to school with used to fight about who was cuter in new kids, so its totally healthy for a young girl to develop crushes.

  • aam

    Screw Bieber. He can afford to handle this. I can't believe no one's ranting over the fact that this garbage is on welfare, taking our tax dollars (that I know I've worked hard for) at the ripe old age of effing 20, but can afford face piercings, computer, webcam, camera and front row tickets to a concert. She should be prosecuted for theft. I'm sick to death of lazy, trailer park trash sifting through my pockets while they sit on their fat a$$es pushing out babies.

  • tonytee

    Now that little democrat shithead will learn what entitlements are all about.

  • JP

    Having idols is part of growing up. Some dream of marrying a prince. Justin BIeber may be their Prince Charming. Nothing wrong with that. Parents all the time try to protect their kids from the horrible pictures, words, and deeds one might find in the community, internet, and media. BTW JB's music is G rated and so is his movie.

  • jessica

    That girl is ugly as sin. She's got nothing going for her, she's not even a butterface. He could have any girl he wanted, doubtful he'd pick something like that.

  • breanna

    she is lieing if his blood does not match she is going to prison i will love that!

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S

    Mad you didn't think of it first??

  • Allison

    To be honest, I don't really believe this. There have been many cases where a woman claims that a celebrity has fathered her child. Most of the time this turns out to be false. Besides, Ms. Yeater could get into a lot of trouble because Justin was not of legal age at the time when they supposedly had that encounter. I don't see why everyone is getting so upset over it. I love Justin Bieber but I'm not going to waste my time bashing someone who I don't even know.

  • breanna

    Justin bieber is it relay ur kid cause you hade sex with a fan u will lose all ur fasns how sad =(

  • yuck

    WOW! This chick is UGLY and looks sooo damn old! WTF! For his sake, I hope he didn't sleep with her!

  • Amy

    Um I dont think her baby asked to be born to a nutjob.

  • C

    Don't care one way or the other if it's his but this is just another perfect example of why child support should be done away with. just another girl using her child for a pay day. She would have used something to keep from having the kid if she knew she'd have to be responsible for it. Down with child support it's killing the traditional family. Put families first!!!

  • Rose

    It's a fucking shame when first class news is "Justin Bieber is a father" "Justin Bieber's new hair cut" "Kim K, divorced..." It's stupid. This world has nothing better to report on other than some kids' life.. and some attention seeker's wedding scam... And I like how everyone denies her.. I'm gonna laugh HARD if it is his. but who gives a fuck?

  • laca

    how hard is it to get a test and just prove either way if its his or not? guys fuck ugly chicks all the time and who is to say the media is just piking her worse pictures to make it look like he wouldn't do it? get it together guys it could be a possibility!

  • vv'

    Pobrecilla tio... Se droga tanto que no sabe ni con quien folla la verdad...Eso es mentira, sabiendo como es Justin que esta con Selena, nunca le aria una cosa asi a Selena. Lo dicho. Justin no es el padre, o sino, que lo diga el. TQD (Tenia Que Decirlo)

  • suck it
    suck it

    everyone just shut up, hes a freaking fruitloop (for you little kids who dont know ask your mommys). who cares about this who cares about kim k getting divorced.. who gives a flying rats ass about any of it.. theres real life shit in the world that no one cares about that actually matters,and you care about fucking rediculous shit... Fucking grow up and i hope the world chews you up and spits you in a fucking gutter.

  • Amy

    That's why 7 year olds shouldn't be watching and idolizing these teenage "products". When will you people learn? I mean really, why would a 7 year old be interested in a 17 year old boy? In what world is that normal? She's interested because it's been sold to her that she should be.

  • Kim

    I don't know if its true or not I guess anything is possible but in my opinion I don't think its true. If it comes out that its all a lie. I hope she gets the help she needs so she'll be a better mother for her child, and apologize to Justin. This crap is affecting me too, because my 7 year old loves Justin and i have to avoid watching the news and making sure she doesn't see the magazines when we're at stores. because i know there's going to be a million questions to follow ....smh

  • Long Duk Dong
    Long Duk Dong

    Ugly ugly skank gold digger !! She needs to be prosecuted!

  • Long Duk Dong
    Long Duk Dong

    Ugly skank gold idgger !!

  • Michael Salzer
    Michael Salzer

    knock em all up Bieber. try to see how many baby mommas you can get.

  • the first, probably not the last
    the first, probably not the last

    I honestly can't see why he would pick her ass out of the crowd. When there were probably 100 better choices out there... That being said I hope it is his, knock the little pip-squick and all his stalker beibers down a few knoches. He can then start to fallow in other Disney stars path. i.e. Britney Spears and more notably Lindsay Lohan. The rest of you no life "Beibers" should learn to live your life and not obsess over a teen. Thats a personality traits of pedophilia. You Beibers better becareful...

  • Amanda

    your grammar is the "most saddest" thing ever. Wait for the paternity test kids before you all get a foot in your mouth.

  • sunshine

    Honestly, this is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. This girl has some serious psychological issues. I highly doubt Justin Beiber would just pick one person to come back stage to meet him, first off. Second, I doubt he would lose his virginity to a complete stranger. Third, I'm sure her real "baby daddy" is some low-life piece of trash who wanted nothing to do with her the second he found out she was pregnant.

  • Yeah, RIGHT
    Yeah, RIGHT

    Ewww. First, she has borderline "I love CRACK" teeth. Second, she looks like a total heffer. Third, I cannot see how or why a 16 year old boy with much prettier and willing girls around him would choose to 'hit' trailer trash with a pin cushion for a face...and not wear protection... Christ, even 16 year olds know why 'trick' is, don't they? I thought they were teaching kids about STDs in like 3rd grade now?

  • Jim Comfort
    Jim Comfort

    FAT COW....Does anyone think as a 16 year old His Handlers would allow him time alone with a women, let alone this cow? No, this DIP WAD is going for her 15 minutes of fame. The legal system will never get any fine money imposed for lying about this c r a p. God how I hate people like this. They should be sent to live in the middle of Greenland for 10 years. Let em look at ice for a punishment. I don't know squat about Beiber but this type of idiocy has to be stopped somehow.



  • huh?

    yeah but... we all know that hot women don't post on internet forums n shiz so.... we will, until proven wrong,assume that you are also a "woof"

  • huh?

    "FUCK...UR BABY" <-- hope you fall down a man hole today.

  • Im Just Saying
    Im Just Saying

    Another belieber thats pissed, you would feel dumb if it was though lmao. Leave the baby alone though..Seriously

  • Deidre Leigh Jameson
    Deidre Leigh Jameson

    Jesus Christ, lady, are you jealous or something?

  • Prince

    Unless you are Prince don't EVER write like that

  • Sherii

    ahahaha i was thinking the same thing.? y wud he want 2 get with her plus i bet selena wud no if they benn 2gether 4 12 months....the babys 3 months which means she carried 9 n that makes 12 months.....sooo which is it girly.!!!

  • hmmmm

    Gods always watching don't worry JB. (:

  • just thoughts
    just thoughts

    honestly i think this is BS. There have been a bunch of cases like this before and this is probably another one. But so far this case is the most saddest one yet.

  • freakedout

    that's why they have paternity tests i guess

  • electrocuteXOXO

    haha good Joke, Mariah. Good Joke. -you're a little early though, April Fools is quite a few months away.

  • irish

    the baby did nothing wrong so dont blam the dang baby

  • Tiffany McGrady
    Tiffany McGrady

    She looks like a joke

  • dayzee

    Justin would never have sex with her. So many gorgeous girls go to his shows. and besides look at Selena, and then look at her. Definitely not his type, she's disgusting.

  • jessicaa

    LMFAO. this girls a JOKE. shes the shit i took last night. she doesnt have a life of her own , so she has to go after a kid whos successful ? she can get the fuckk outtaa herree. shes on some bullshit & obviously on something else.

  • T67327a

    I can't see it. She isn't ugly but she isn't drop dead gorgeous. Out of all the girls at his concert, I can't see him picking this one as THE ONE....and um..if she was 19 and he was 16, that was illegal in CA as the legal age of consent in CA is 18.... ew.

  • iHeartMariah

    Dumb ass hoe .. JB is dumb if he fucked this ugly ass troll ...

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check

    What did the baby do?!

  • Rodney

    This girl looks like one big SNOT ROCKET! Cant wait to see this SNOT ROCKETS reaction to hearing Maury Povich say the words, "Jose, Fernando, The Situation, Jamal, Scooby Doo, Tank Abbott, And Corky (from the 80's TV series Life Goes On) You are all NOT the father! note - Scooby Doo adamatly denied ever giving this girl a SCOOBY SNACK!

  • selenita


  • mrs bieber
    mrs bieber

    omg!! poor justin i love u justin ill always believe in u im a belieber!! and mariah u little bitch or big fat bitchy bitch!! i hate u mariah doing all this to get attention!!! i cant believe u fat ass doin this to get attention while ruining a hot pop stars life!! MARIAH FUCK U AND UR BABY!! THATS NOT HIS BABY SO GIVE UP!!!

  • selena