Meet the 'Hunger Games' Cast: Donald Sutherland

  • Meet the 'Hunger Games' Cast: Donald Sutherland
The renowned actor will play the role of President Snow.
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  • Doreen

    voiks ne4it kuvii saada pois te4e4lte4 koska mun kuva on te4e4l enke4 todellakaa halua et se on julki, lliuun teije4n kuvii ve4he4n parempi laatuseks tai jotai, blogii ve4he4.. en tiie4, saaks site4 pois jos sanon mike4 kuva se on??`????

  • natalie

    usually i call my husband a drama queen but thanks to you i will be using over dramatic freak from now on. they say its important to change things up in a relationship.

  • perstefanie

    I think Donald Sutherland could have fantastic, unforgiving snake eyes

  • Jaymie

    Donald Sutherland is an AMZING actor and he will do a GREAT job for the role of President Snow.

  • ammajamma

    shut up u over dramatic freak! the best book in the world isnt goin to be a bad movie, its imposible!

  • person

    NOOOOOO! he looks like bloody santa!. not Snow. i am going to be hysterical about this if they stuff it up like they did with "Percy Jackson". i mean PLZ for they book lovers out there DON'T RUIN THE BOOKS 4 US!!!!