Meet 'The Hunger Games' Cast: Jack Quaid

  • Meet 'The Hunger Games' Cast: Jack Quaid
Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid's son Jack is set to play one of the Career Tributes, according to Entertainment Weekly. This will be Jack's acting debut and he's set to star as Marvel, the mean male tribute from District 1.
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  • twiceover

    yeah i does

  • naomi

    It didn't say district 11 it said district 1, and district 1's tributes are glimmer and MARVEL.

  • Karen

    Katniss finds out his name in Catching Fire when she visits District 1 on the Victory Tour, I believe.

  • Miranda

    I didn't know the book even revealed the tribute from District 1's name. He's the one who Katniss shoots threw the neck when he traps Rue, I don't recall them ever saying his name. Well I guess it's Marvel! lol

  • sydsouth

    * Gabby where have YOU been?! Good luck with the acting debut Jack! * =}

  • Alex

    Wrong, the guy from District 11 wasn't mean and his name wasn't Marvel

  • Gabby

    Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid had a son together?!?!