Meet 'The Hunger Games' Cast: Jennifer Lawrence

  • Meet 'The Hunger Games' Cast: Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence. The Oscar-nominated actress landed the coveted lead role as Katniss Everdeen in 'Hunger Games.'
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  • person

    I agree with Miranda. In the trailer you see her hair is dyed brown. She is exactly what I imagined Katniss like!!

  • Jaymie

    She is gorgeous...and with brown hair and the magic of make-up they can make her look plain, but then when they transform her for the festivities she will be glowing. I hope she is a good actress...however, I am sure she will do well.

  • jessica

    Jennifer is gonna be an amazing Katniss! If the director thought she would be good for the role of Katniss, then she must be! Shes a great actress!

  • Rox

    I love her even before she was cast as Katniss! I love her being Mystique on XMEN, and ever since I know she'll go places! SHE'S PERFECT!

  • ammajamma

    awwww yah!finally ppl who agree with me! She makes an awesome KAtniss!

  • Kia

    I agree with Miranda ... I do think she will be a good Katniss. She has this sort of strength to her that Katniss has and she is a damn good actress . Plus she already knows how to skin squirrels from her movie Winter's Bone Lol !

  • Miranda

    She is going to be PHENOMENAL! People think just because she doesn't look like Katniss that the whole movie will suck!! OH PLEASE. I'd rather have a damn good actress that doesn't look like the character than a mediocre actress that is a Katniss look-alike. I can't wait until she proves all the haters wrong. PLUS she looks amazing in character!! GO JENNIFER!!

  • antitaylorswift

    not fan of the cast. .but i do like the story

  • ko-chan04

    Hunger Games fans expect so much from her as Katniss. I hope she won't disappoint us..

  • Stiffler

    She is so not Katniss.

  • spout

    good red one