Megan Fox shows off her bikini

  • Megan Fox shows off her bikini
Megan Fox shows off her bikini clad body on the beach in Hawaii on December 18, 2010.
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  • Ram

    Sorry jerks, she's too skinny. She looks unhealthy, and frankly disgusting. Those tattoos are awful. What's with the broads inking up their beautiful skin like that for?

  • Becca

    She's not too thin! It's called being FIT. Its all muscle. And those are ABS. Not SCARS. It's sad that we've become so used to fat out of shape people, everyone starts hating on the people who are naturally thin and who work for their body.

  • Mara Sobotka
    Mara Sobotka

    She has CLEARLY had a fair amount of plastic surgery. Her scars clearly show from the front in several pictures, and they are LIVID. It's too bad she chose that path.

  • elpinch

    She's cute, but I rather not get all cut up by sharp hip bones.

  • Cory

    Gross. Give me more meat than that.

  • rollotomasi

    that woman behind her must feel soooooo fat right now Your head must feel so fat right now, clogged as it is with all that insecurity and hatred.