Megan Fox arrives at the

  • Megan Fox arrives at the
Megan Fox arrives at the 'Jennifer's Body' Comic-Con Party at Manchester Grand Hyatt on July 23, 2009 in San Diego, California.
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  • gbmoon

    shes makin those scary faces cuz isnt she supose to be a demon in that jennifers body movie??

  • Ixa

    what is wrong with her? Is she mentally unstable. the more time passes, the more surgery she gets and botox, she will eventually look like a mannequin. Why can't people just leave natural beauty alone. I hope Kristen Stewart says with her natural beauty.

  • vic

    why did she keep making these faces? anyway,she's gorgeous. obviously she's had some work done,but nonetheless she is absolutely stunning. i don't think this pale look with the black her is the most flattering for her though!

  • Bicu

    8O i am afraid...hahaha

  • dana

    oh please, yeah she is dumb, but dont get me with, "oh she doesn´t look good, this is a ridiculous coment, the girl is gorgeus and she always look good...

  • meganleigh


  • noah

    She does not look good.

  • lol

    yes meggy... we see your veneers. no more rabbit teeth.