Megan Fox Spotted with Growing Baby Bump?

  • Megan Fox Spotted with Growing Baby Bump?
Actress Megan Fox is seen leaving a nail salon in LA on June 6, 2012. Megan appears to be sporting a growing baby bump but has yet to confirm her pregnancy.
Megan Fox Shows Off Growing Belly Bump
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Jen

    Man, you really hit the nail on the head. And all from looking at one picture on the internet, too. You sure are something. Do you always think you know everything about everyone else? You don't think maybe it's a lit-tle ridiculous to assume that you can assess the complexities of a human relationship like that, just from overanalyzing one picture? More likely, you're just one more woman who hates on Megan Fox for no reason other than the fact that dudes like her and you're just POSITIVE she has had work done. Even though she is hardly ever in the news anymore and she lives as quiet and private a life as she can with all these faux-insightful morons scrutinizing everything she does. Even more likely, you're unhappy so you are unable to be genuinely happy for other people. Instead you hope they're secretly as miserable as you.

  • moomarse

    does she always walk 10 paces behind him? he seems like a real asswipe and she looks VERY depressed. a baby won't cheer up people like that.