Memorable MTV Movie Awards Fashions

  • Memorable MTV Movie Awards Fashions
Sacha Baron Cohen a.k.a "Bruno" at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on May 31, 2009.
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  • danielleakame

    hahahahah gross but hilarious

  • Alex

    LMAO!!! that is just tooooo funny hahahaha

  • Nicole

    Actualy I'm pretty sure they will be proud of him. He is educated, smart, talented and has a uniqe sense of humor. He must be a wonderful and loving man when Isla converted to judaism to marry him! And 'The Dictator' was amazing! I understand that people with less interests in politics see his movies just as 'cheesy stupid comedies' but his work is great.

  • Claire

    I can't believe this guy is actually married with a beautiful normal actress, Isla Fisher, and they have 2 kids together. The kids will sure be proud of their daddy when they grow up...