Michael Jackson: A Look Back

  • Michael Jackson: A Look Back
Michael Jackson, the Legend, through the years.
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  • Sam

    We love your Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tamekalatrice

    we miss u mike nd love u

  • αγκυ κουμουτσακου
    αγκυ κουμουτσακου

    you will be missed ..now music pop is dead..

  • jsubran2

    Michael I cannot belive that you are gone. I am from trindad and u have touched my heart since i was 6years. I used to sleep with your record Bad in my bed because it had a picture of u on the cover. I cannot say how many times i have downladed your songs and listened to them and watched your music dvd with your videos and concerts. U truly inspired me and right now i am devasted. God rest your soul and u will alwyas be in my heart.