Celebrities attend and participate in Michael

  • Celebrities attend and participate in Michael
Celebrities attend and participate in Michael Jackson's memorial service in Los Angeles, CA on July 7, 2009.
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  • andrea

    none of those kids look like michael.xcept blanket.he has the shy look and everything.i dont know about prince...he didnt luk sad at the funeral.but u can tell paris loves her daddy

  • amyfennellyx3

    blanket is sooooooooooo cute (A) i know how he felt (U):'(

  • kef123

    none of this kids look like MJ, and whos to say if they are really his or not...but blanket has MJ's eyes... look back a pics when MJ was a kid, he had that same look in his eyes!!! lOve you MJ always have and always will

  • GighiZ

    The best gift for your children is that each one has inherited your gifts... Because they say what they should say they are your children!!!!! King rests in peace

  • Guest27

    his youngest son Blanket , kept covering his face with stufff. I think he doesn't know that he doesn't have to do that anymore, but it made him look shy and cute ( in a Awwww....way) and his oldest son looked AWOL from the ceremony, and was chewing bubblegum the whole time. I hope he doesn't turn into a rebel or punk because of the pain and he saw his dad collapse ,and thought he was joking, so he might think its his fault and should have called the doctor,. Also people are saying that he might end up dating Kylie Jenner, because they are the same age and live close. I hope they don't, or they'll end up like a K-Fed and Britney relationship!!

  • kilee

    He's holding a doll thats his father...that little boy is going to be just like his father...i can feel it