06-06-09 Malibu CA Rumor

  • 06-06-09 Malibu  CA  Rumor
06-06-09 Malibu, CA Rumor has it that Miley Cyrus has broken up with her boyfriend Justin Gaston to re-unite with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas. On the Send It On video shoot in Malibu on Sunday, Miley openly flirted with Nick in between takes.
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  • nileyisdonefor

    The good thing is that NILEY IS OVER!!!! she twitted and said she's LOVING THE SINGLE LIFE!!!!! yesssss!!!

  • cutedivadevu

    nah..nick still likes miley!!

  • J

    I can't bealive it. I think Justin is perfect than Nick. But, if she was happy, i'm happy too.

  • Annel

    GOShh! give miley a break! she's just so awesome i'd love for her to get back with nick! they are so perfect together! i love them both!!!

  • missgawguziwish

    its up to them what they do peeps just lay off but tbh i dont think miley would not straight after justin maybe they r just close friends me and my friend (who is a hot guy) muck around like that the whole time and we r not in a love relationship.

  • pip

    i HATE miley, i mean, alrigt, but... OMG, i'd like to be together with NIICK,, my gosh he's sooo HOT,, love hiim!

  • Elizabeth knows
    Elizabeth knows

    Nick doesnt like for people to touch him, Joe Jonas said that about him in one of their Facebook chats. She probably wanted to get on his nerves by touching him! Duh! Their just friends! Right now anyways, since she broke up with Justin she probably thinks her and Nicks relationship is going somewhere, since they've been hanging out and writing some songs, but really Nick just wants to be friends, He's even said that what they had was a "silly young" relationship. Know your facts!