Miley Cyrus Bikinis in Michigan With Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and Her Puppy

  • Miley Cyrus Bikinis in Michigan With Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and Her Puppy
Miley Cyrus visits her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in Michigan on July 31, 2011. Miley showed off her summer bikini body in a little brown bikini while toting her dog for the trip.
Source: GSI Media
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  • Poop

    It's not photoshopped, ever heard her speak? She sounds like a 60 year old truck driver...yeah, she smokes. A LOT.

  • Poop

    Wow, you are a dipshit!

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  • Yasmin Shaw
    Yasmin Shaw

    that looks reaally photoshopped but i'm not bothered if it isn't or it is tbh, she is still the same person, why should it bother us?

  • Maria

    Husky, not a wolf O_o haha I love those dogs, they are adorable. My boyfriend had one and she was GORGEOUS. :) Definitely want one in the future.

  • Maria

    I noticed that too! I was literally like this: <:O But whatever, it's her life :)

  • Kryss

    you people ARE FUCKING LAME.. no one cares about ur stupid comments get a fucking life!!!

  • Kendra

    wow, "I smoke stuff like: Kent,marlboro,LM or something easy" hun, a cigarette is a cigarette, it doesnt matter what kind they are. they're all bad. and just because you dont smoke alot NOW doesnt mean you wont. i smoke, and i am dependent on it, and i started off just smoking with my friends. see how it works? those things are ADDICTING. you will become addicted and it will fuck up your health. and i dont know what country you're from, but anyone thats smart knows that cigarettes are not a joke. they are health hazards. and you dont know how much Miley Cyrus smokes so don't try and defend her by saying shes just doing it for entertainment. even if shes not addicted yet, she will be if she keeps going. and so will you.

  • Julia

    i dont see how anyone can look up to her when she is killing herself. i heard that every cigarette shortens your life my 10 minutes. i dont understand whhy you would want to drink, do drugs, smoke, or any of that other stuff. shes disgusting. i feel horrible for her dog. if i were her bf, i would RUN

  • sparky10157

    Ewww she is soo sleezy and gross ! I feel bad for the dog , it has to breath that foul smokey air :(

  • F her hard!
    F her hard!

    Only if I was on the other end

  • kewlgirl

    if she is smoking i think it is disgusting yuck!

  • kelluc

    i hope u miley wont hurt ur voice :/ anyways take care!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milly

    I don't smooke weed or something :D and I don't smoke alot and I dont think Miley does to. It's not nothing!! I smoke stuff like: Kent,marlboro,LM or something easy! What do you think???? :oo and yeah in my contrey this stuff is legal , because it's joke ! :DD

  • Jenna

    yea you have one life to live and your going to die of a terrible disease before you actually live it. congrats! i hope you love your live as much when your laying in a hospital bed and the doctor tells you how many months you have left to live. its a shame your 16, so am i, at least some of us are smart enough to know right from wrong and look at something like a cigarette or any drugs and say i dont want to waste my life with this little cancer stick. i hope miley and everyone else realizes it.

  • bunty

    I'm more concerned about her dog than the fact that she's smoking...second hand smoke affects animals too. Smoking around a puppy is almost as bad as smoking around a baby. Also, I wonder what happened to her german shepherd puppy? Or the little white one she had...?

  • Laquita T. Hodge
    Laquita T. Hodge

    You're proud of being a 16 yr old smoker? You do realize it's illegal for anyone under 18 to smoke right?

  • Asister Marrhiane Lambert
    Asister Marrhiane Lambert

    did someone knows whats in her back look like tatto..:/

  • Tia

    When did smoking ever make you a bad person?

  • Jen

    No, it really, really isn't. Clearly you've never seen one.

  • andrew347

    wow poor you, smoking at 16. you will be pretty fuckd up soon..just wait for your lung cancer darlin. there is nothing more repulsive than a smoking woman

  • davenport

    only if it belonged to me

  • Milly

    I'm 16 and I also smoke , so wath???!!! There's Just One Life we Live so why not ?? She's not dependent on it so that's just a entertainment ! That's nothing! Just young girl who want's to live free !

  • Sam

    Almost looks like a reflection off the water. Could be a cir. Who cares she's 18 anyways.

  • Joe

    If you're looking at teeny bop Disney stars as your role models, maybe you need to aim a little higher. Wow.

  • edeng1996

    she use to bong of course she use to smoke too..

  • Brooks

    It's not her job to be a role model, it's the parents job.

  • Anonyspliff

    It's probably pretty good stuff, based on her income. Is that nice enough?

  • Theresa

    I'm sure you all aren't perfect, so either say something nice or shut up! FYI: she can do whatever she likes, it's her life, stop telling her how too life it and take your own advise instead!

  • ashhhulee

    what a role model.

  • Anonyspliff

    That's not a cigarette - that's a spliff if I've ever seen one....

  • Breathe Cat
    Breathe Cat

    Oh my god..there is a cigarette in her hand..would it be ok if she was holding a penis MEAGAN?

  • jstriz

    how come she gets a fucking wolf?

  • Noah

    Oh. My. God. She is smoking a cigarette and about to go drown that poor, defenseless puppy! Someone notify the authorities.

  • Meagan

    Does anyone else notice the cigarette in her hand?!