Miley Cyrus Bikinis in Michigan With Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and Her Puppy

  • Miley Cyrus Bikinis in Michigan With Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and Her Puppy
Miley Cyrus visits her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in Michigan on July 31, 2011. Miley showed off her summer bikini body in a little brown bikini while toting her dog for the trip.
Source: GSI Media
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  • jbd59

    kids look up to her? that's the image she's trying to shake. she's not a kid anymore. that's a woman.

  • what is your problem
    what is your problem

    what is your problem? people have oppinions and maybe instead of being blind and thinking your right and everyone else is wrong you should start excepting what other people think and start realizing that you are far from right when you keep repeating the same thing like everyone else is dumb. well guess what joe? your the wrong and just let people exspress what they think without you opening your mouth every time!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jolene Johnson-Bieber
    Jolene Johnson-Bieber

    It's a bad idea for a singer to be smoking.. It'll ruin your health and it'll ruin your voice. But to be honest, its her life and let her do what she wants. If cigarretes were such a big deal, they wouldnt be legal.

  • Who cares.
    Who cares.

    most of my friends smoke around me and i've never had a fag in my life, who cares if she smokes.... if you want to smoke you will if you don't you won't. Kids will decided what they want to choose no matter who else smokes or not.

  • Lisa

    No one is throwing a fit about it, some people are just curious...

  • kewlgirl

    @amy ok mrs. dr drew

  • David Eaton
    David Eaton

    Yea, I'm on the "anyone who is under 35 and smokes is a bit of a dumbass" train. It has nothing to do with being my business or her being a roll model. It's just a stupid thing to do and if you choose it, you display a lack of respect for your body. But my real gripe with it? It looks like you're trying to be an adult. Stupid choices are really going to make you look mature? Sorry folks, I'm just not a fan of smoking.

  • The Other White Meat
    The Other White Meat

    I was gonna hit on her-but since she smokes................

  • doc against smoking
    doc against smoking

    Not just ignorant, literally less intelligent.

  • minneymouse


  • Xannah Nicole Bronson
    Xannah Nicole Bronson

    are you replying to evey negative comment, dont you have anything better to do with your life. So what if people disagree with a teen icon smoking. Its their opinion and they are entitled to it without your input.

  • pt

    joe!!! I know it's none of my business but i was just surprised!!!!! I'm not judging her if she wants to smoke let her it's her lofe she can do whatever she wants....

  • davenport

    plus this wasnt a public event put on for the kiddies, this was just her and friends relaxing

  • Joe

    And it's any of your business how?

  • Joe

    Who are you to say what she should or shouldn't do? Maybe you two can get together and she can make your chioces for you, too. Would you like that?

  • Joe

    Well, no. Anybody who judges other people based on their choices (in this case, the choice to consume a legal product) is ignorant.

  • mimi

    im not saying that she cant smoke but she just shouldnt...some kids want to be just like her (btw well said brooks) and whats up with the dreamcatcher??

  • Brooks

    Your right kids do look up too her, but if the kids parents rasie them well enough it shouldn't matter what she does, and she shouldn't have to not do something just cause she is famous. I am not a smoker and also think it is a stupid habit, but it is not my job to tell people what they can or cannot do.

  • amy

    shes like 19 and kids still look up to her. btw anyone that smokes is pretty ignorant

  • JouJou

    Oh, no!! an adult that smokes??? I mean, I know she USED to be an icon for little girls, but come on... so many people in Hollywood smoke, you pick her to throw a fit about??

  • Katie

    OMG I saw a picture about three months ago where it looked like she was smoking, but this picture proves it!! Plus by the sound of her voice, I always thought she did.

  • pt

    Is she smoking???