Miley Cyrus' Cutest Looks

  • Miley Cyrus' Cutest Looks
Miley Cyrus leaves Sushi Dan in Studio City on May 28, 2009.
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  • Diane

    She's neither pretty nor cute. She just know fashion very well.

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  • naomi jackson
    naomi jackson

    miley is good singer??? JAJAJA good singer whitney huston and beyonce, this girl is NOT a good singer.

  • Andreea

    She has the most gorgeous,amazing,sweet,cute,adrable,beautiful smile&laugh in the world!!!

  • Gladys Foyoh
    Gladys Foyoh

    miley is the best. she is pretty, funny and a good singer. so y'all out there shouldn't be jealous of her cuz she's better. miley u r the best keep on the good work. num 1 milat's fan. love u cyrus

  • germanxxannie

    cute pic :D

  • Childie

    i hate miley because she to big for her boots. she strips of a magazine age 15 and she get away with it. then when she 17 she does it for a bit of fun and she gets away with it so yeah i hate her but she is pretty but not beautiful

  • jblover

    hahaha oh god ^^ but yea i agree everybody hates miley for no reason. she is awesome girl. pretty, funny, good singer, good actress and everything else!

  • Warren

    I don't care what anyone says, I think Miley has the most beautiful teeth and the sexiest mouth. I could lick and kiss that pretty Miley face all day!