Miley Cyrus dines out with fellow

  • Miley Cyrus dines out with fellow
Miley Cyrus dines out with fellow Disney teen star Demi Lovato at Jerry's Famous Deli in Studio Ctiy, CA, on September 16, 2010.
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  • Stephanie Inman
    Stephanie Inman

    Hope the food was good, looks like you two had a pretty good time. Good luck with the movie.

  • psychokittyd

    demi looks like a different person......a space alien maybe......???

  • character

    She seems so huggable...yet...sometimes she gives off a look, that seems to put other people beneath her being. And it is that look that scares me.

  • Nick Bolick
    Nick Bolick

    no it was selena gomez that did get a long w her

  • bf

    I thought these two hated each other.

  • hearts

    It's weird to think they we at the same resturant! Demi's wearing a tunic and leather leggings with her hair all done up, and Miley is wearing cut off shorts, a hoodie and a tank top! And Miley's shirt probably isn't see through, it's the light from the papparazzi's cameras. She wore a blck bra so it could be monochronic, but the flashes make it see through.