Miley Cyrus' Hair Evolution

  • Miley Cyrus' Hair Evolution
Miley Cyrus tweets a photo of her new pixie cut n August 13, 2012
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  • Kat Brandon
    Kat Brandon

    I don't think she ever had great hair. It had been highlighted too many times. She might have cut it to start over. At least its not an Akey Breaky Mullet like Dad used to have! Its funny how everyone is gettin so worked up over a haircut. I prefer longhair, but that's me. Milley it does look butch, in my opinion. Whatever Hannahs your Montana girl....

  • Audrey

    yeah hence why they said when lightened. Her hair wasnt long enough to donate anyways genius

  • Rachael

    Ya"ll need to shut up! Miley Cyrus is BEAUTIFUL!!! She is such an inspiration to me. So if all you have is crap to say shut up!!


    she looks like my ringhole torned into 1000 bits

  • eyerus

    i like her hair no MATTER WHAT AND if u dont have nice thing to say dont say it at all because if she like it thats what matter respect her choice

  • Shelleysbeads

    That isn't true I donated over 2 feet of black hair and I had been dying it for 20 years they were elated they sent me a lovely card expressing they appreciation.

  • crystal

    I think she is looking great Finally a Star that has a different look to the long hair extensions look , and RiRi does different looks all the time short long Red, blonde, black and so does GaGa and no one slates them. Wish I had a pretty face like her to get away with it and as for the platinum blonde makes it rock and a little different from all the black and reds going around Miley I think you look Great !

  • :D

    I think the haircut is really nice ;) But the thing i don't like is her color she have colored the hair to... She looks better with brown hair... Hm... Wonder how she would look with red hair? O.o

  • ME

    I miss her hair. This style DOES NOT suit her.

  • 'Caroline Nilsson
  • Zack Gomez
    Zack Gomez

    miley cyrus you seksis end I love you I'm Zack Gomez

  • MT

    "I have this theory that if you cut off all her hair she'd look like a British man."

  • Sophie

    shut up, she is the only one that must like HER HAIRSTYLE, she is beautiful. And its just fucking hair, it grows again. Idiots. stop judgin

  • Stu

    She looks like that lesbian that Lindsey Lohan dated

  • Sandra Thompson
    Sandra Thompson

    She's experimenting with her hair. Perfectly normal for a gal her age.

  • kristie

    I like her looks good :)

  • jbd59

    she hasn't donated anything. lying PR stunt. she looks like a dog that went through the washer.

  • Lilyann

    She couldn't have donated her hair, this was for her, which is fine. I don't think it suits her, but if she likes it then I think she should be able to have it how she wants. Her face doesn't look like she normally does (I'm guessing that's the effects of no make up after knowing her being plastered with it) but we all have days when we get blotchy faces or whatever.

  • Gerald G Soedarto
    Gerald G Soedarto

    i I hope her hair grows fast .. sure!

  • Dee Rien
    Dee Rien

    Actually, I should specify "color treated." You cannot donate if your hair has been LIGHTENED--i.e., bleached. And clearly hers was. (You can donate if your hair was dyed a darker color.)

  • Dee Rien
    Dee Rien

    Not a chance. You cannot donate your hair if it has been color treated. Whoever is saying she donated her hair is flat-out lying.

  • Violet

    I thought the organizations that take hair donations only want healthy hair. I doubt her over-bleached and over-processed hair was "healthy".. in any case, I think this look suits her. She has pretty eyes and they stand out :)

  • Shyanna Rice
    Shyanna Rice

    Guys just shut the fuck up geesh she did it, because she gave her hair too cancer people, It will grow back in just a few weeks, the cancer patients cannot grow hair!!!!!! Get A Life! The cancer patients want to be normal like anybody else! Give her a freaking chance gosh!

  • Meg

    She looks beautiful, some people can't handle change and need to do a little research as to why she cut her hair! She donated it for Cancer charity, I'm sure you wouldn't say all those rude and hateful comments to someone with cancer would you? GROW UP.

  • CB

    OMG some people just need to be slapped she looks as bad a britney spears when she shaved her head

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    this style does not suit her

  • abbey

    she needs to lighten her eyebrows a bit

  • Jenna

    This look only works on pretty people, I mean you need to have a pretty face to rock this style cuz you don't have any hair to favor your face... shes kinda ugly so she looks stupid

  • jbd59

    looks like a meth head.

  • jbd59

    looks like a dog. damn that's fugly.

  • Sarah Jane Lim
    Sarah Jane Lim

    im sad:(