Miley Cyrus' Best Bikini Moments

  • Miley Cyrus' Best Bikini Moments
'Hannah Montana' star plays around in a bikini
Source: Splash News and Pictures
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  • jbd59

    who hates her?

  • Nancy

    Im a huge fan of miley and i don't understand why evnroyee hates miley. she hasn't done anything to ruin your life so why r u ripping on her. I don't like selena gomez but i dont go round calling her a slut I liked the video and the song is really catchy, the only reason evnroyee is saying it's racy and slutty is because its the media's job to stur up stories to keep things interesting. Don't pay attention to those parasites in the media >:( the iz EVIL i tellz ya!! lolIm 17 and you can ask anyone that normal 17 yr olds dance like this and sometime dress like thislol so stop blowing things out of proportion

  • jbd59

    that's when that shit was tight. wore out now.