Miley Cyrus' Many Tattoos

  • Miley Cyrus' Many Tattoos
"Love." Fans were all ears when Miley flashed an unconventional ear tattoo earlier this year. Miley said that the tattoo was meant to remind her not to listen to "negativity" and focus on positive messages.
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  • jbd59

    that's just nasty.

  • Karina

    That's a really cool idea though

  • leah

    It's real. Photography doesn't do it justice

  • anonimuss

    good answerr i am with ya!! i love miley =)

  • anonimuss

    thatss ink from a biro, if it was from a tatoo it would be darker and clearer!

  • mollyw

    your spelling hurt just a little bit more. HAHAHHAHA good one

  • larajill

    At least her tats mean something. When they have true meaning, i dont see it as "just a tattoo". i see it as art. and sometimes, this art can help us through life. I have one that means courage (its in japanese - kanji). and i always look at it and know i have the courage to do something. and i do it. its a little boost to help you through tough things when nobody's around to help you.

  • laurenlick it
    laurenlick it

    lol to the below comments..yup miley's homo tho lol

  • lauren

    lol to the above ^^^ comments... miley theres a baaddddddddd bitch!!!!!!

  • lola

    i bet that hurted a lot your spelling hurt just a little bit more.

  • dakota

    i bet that hurted a lot