Miley Cyrus' Many Tattoos

  • Miley Cyrus' Many Tattoos
Miley Cyrus shows of her new tattoo in Toluca Lake, California on February 8, 2011. Photo Credit:
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  • HanBan

    looks like armpit hair. Not a good location...

  • fdget

    couldn't agree less, i think it looks amazing. she wears some singlets and dresses that a lower cut under the arms so she can show it off but why would she always want it to be shown ? maybe she wants to cover it up sometimes because of the type of top she's wearing ? no offence or anything but seriously. i think the meaning and the design of the tatt is just perfect.

  • AlaBella

    It depends why you're getting the tattoo for. If you only want to show it off, then yeah, don't put it somewhere where it's going to be covered up by clothes. If you're getting it done for what it means to you, then where you put it should also be meaningful to you, regardless whether it's covered up or not

  • Luca

    it is beautiful but horribly placed. You don't put a tat where it is going to be covered up by clothes, especially cut in half. It just looks terrible like that.

  • Leah Laustsen
    Leah Laustsen

    I love the dream catcher it is so beautiful.

  • EmilieMarieCh

    The meaning of this tatoo (dedicate to her family) is beautifull but not the tattoo. It's too big and looks weird when she wears dress or top with a bra... A smaller dreamcatcher or in a different place would be better.

  • dani

    the dreamer catcher over mileys bed. the four feathers are for each of her sibilings,