Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
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  • Diana

    Ok, shut up people, first of all, I don't know what the heck are u doing here if u don't like miley, this is a post for her FANS, not stupid people who doesn't know about respect. I don't like a lot of famous people, but that doesn't mean i'm gonna be mean and post mean comments because i have respect for them and their fans. So please have a little bit of respect for Miley and her fans.

  • Rose Pasley
    Rose Pasley

    and the end of the day. none of us know shit about her and we should get back to our own lives.. (yes, im aware that im commenting and looking at these pictures but i like to see what she wears cause i like clothes) :)

  • Felipe Quiroz Quezada
    Felipe Quiroz Quezada

    beautiful rich rich

  • Whitney Brooke Pendergrass
    Whitney Brooke Pendergrass

    If I had abs and legs like Miley, I'd sure as heck show them while on stage. If you've got it, flaunt it. If you don't, stop hatin.

  • naden

    thumbs up if bananas needs to STFU=]

  • Dimplefacedbeauty

    Hahahahahahahaha your sooooooo funny,.... She looks like a duck hahaha. So I guess you lookalike princess? Spike lol judging by your face, I dont think you have room to talk about anyone...., EVER

  • Cemarah Spencer
    Cemarah Spencer

    Never really did like Miley Cyrus , I liked Hannah Montana ... But then I realized it was Miley Cyrus too .

  • Chrissie

    I totally agree with Carla. We all have our own opinions, and some people are rude, and some are not, but it's not like anyone is going to do anything about it? It's not a big deal! :D

  • Kim Oliver Seaman
    Kim Oliver Seaman

    I myself am very PROUD of Miley. She has a strong will and a good heart. She is Happy with herself and that is what's important. As long as you are pleased with who you are in this life then you are going to make a great person. If you do good things and people smile when you are near then you are on the right path.

  • Kristi Campbell-Coleman
    Kristi Campbell-Coleman

    When I see little girls dressed like and see some of the short skirts and shorts they have for sale for girls who are even younger, it makes me want to lock my son in his room till he's smart enough not to base decision with certain area's of his body (the only problem is they never really stop that do they LOL)

  • MelKin

    I try to understand that she is "trying to be grown up" but dressing and dancing provocativly does not make you a grown up. Realizing that her fan base at the moment is a younger audience that is extremely impressionable and acting appropriatly would be more grown up than what she is doing now. She needs to give her fan base a chance to catch up to the fact that she is getting older and is getting into a new area, and whether she means to or not she is comming off as more "trashy" than mature and that is a problem with who her fans are. At least for the ones that are actually putting up the money for the tickets, cds and itunes downloads for her music, which would be the parents of her fans. So, she should care what she is doing before she finds herself in an empty arena wondering why her fans didn't show up. Which would be because us parents didn't want there tweens and young teens to watch a half dressed idiot gyrating around the stage in an attempt to be "grown up".

  • Coty's Wife
    Coty's Wife

    Ok Miley is a very pretty girl she is not Hannah Montana any more people act like because she WAS a child star She is all grown up she is of age if she wants to show her body she can at least she has the body for it. and she is not a slut because of how she dresses. the way you dress not not determine that so stop being jealous because you can't dress like her and look as good as she does in the clothes she wears she is obviously not that bad she is still making millions. So let her be who she wants she is no longer a child or a child star she is grown and loving her body get over it. and Jen! its not trashy its called embracing her body sorry if you can't understand that people can dress how they want if you think its trashy don't look. common since I bet you flipped through every picture just so you could think bad of her.

  • Jen

    Why are people defending her as if they're a relative or a friend..? I'd just like to know that.. Don't make up excuses for her, I'm sure she doesn't give a f*ck, if she actually cared about what she was wearing she'd have changed it by now. If she wants to look trashy, hey, who am I to stop her? This isn't even her worst outfit and ya'll are fighting over it, LOL!

  • hewhohasabraininhishead

    let me say one thing.....YOUR ALL INSANE!

  • Christine Luschas
    Christine Luschas

    i only hate her music... she doesn't even pick out her outfits. But that fact she can't sing for shit and people still listen to the songs is sad. she's very pretty, but she needs to stop singing... I think most of the outfits on here are different but decent :)

  • Karen :)
    Karen :)

    omgggg, look at you. You're fucking hideous.

  • Karen :)
    Karen :)


  • purpleEggs

    If I had that body, I'd wear that too.

  • Kelly

    I think she looks great. She is just doing what you young women do....creating her own fashion statement. Its a hit or a miss.

  • Emma

    i don't mean to be rude but ur kinda creepy lol ur saying she can't say stuff about how she looks but u can? sorry i just noticed that and that's flat out weird.....

  • Jess

    she definitly needs more of it then :P lol

  • helda

    joan jett wannabe google joan jett in cheap trick shirt

  • lyricboo15

    ha funny yur tawwkin about her nose bananas2 but yur shit iz fucked

  • Melanie

    she had a good body and pretty skin so she shows it off... there isnt anything wrong with that

  • Jnick

    honey Cheap Trick is an old band :)

  • opinionated

    so no one should call 'bananas' ugly, but you can say miley looks slutty? yeah, sounds like you should practice what you preach, and everyone needs a life...could you afford what she is wearing? she looks great, she takes care of herself...since when is it wrong to show 1) cleavage and 2) your midriff...holy cow you are all nuts

  • Sammy

    Get a life....

  • ..........

    Taylor Swift Better.....

  • Pixie


  • Concho A-Secas
    Concho A-Secas

    Correct me if Im wrong, since english is not my main language... when you call someone slut, you're not referring to their sex life, just implying that she looks like one(context context context) And most times she looks like one(not here tho, I can't see her crotch) Also I have a friend that dress like her and is more virgin than a newborn baby... so yeah big news!!! all the Worls is a crazy place!! yay

  • Abcde

    It'd be kinda ironic if after all this, her profile pic wasn't a picture of HER... :) Just sayin'

  • bananas1

    fugly bastard

  • Layla

    Call me a nerd all you want, even though I hate Star Wars, she has a Yoda looking face in this picture!

  • NoodLe

    finally i have someone to agree with

  • Tavia Han
    Tavia Han

    Seriously all of you who called bananas2 "ugly" is fucked up. You're just using that excuse 'cus she put her picture up. I admit shes brave so I respect her. Unlike all you little losers whose fucking defending a celebrity (of course) 'cause you're all fake. (to whoever hating on bananas2) See if she was looking like Miley, I bet half of you wouldn't even BE saying what you said. So CHECK YOURSELF haters before you say shit. and POST A PICTURE OF YOURSELF THEN SAY SHIT.

  • Crystal Lindsey
    Crystal Lindsey

    Why do people come here just write hate comments? its not like its gonna hurt her feelings and it just shows how much of a life people don't have because they have time to go on here and criticize.... People... Get a F****** life.

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    cuz we're bored and enjoy critcizing celebs ;)

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    "uhoh i forgot to put on my clothes, i'm still in my PJs!" lol this is just what i imagine her thinking with that look on her face.

  • livesinafairytale

    Lmao, calm the hell down, woman, seriously, what is wrong with you?

  • Ana

    Okay. Everyone has their own opinion, and apparently yours is calling Miley a duckface. Well... here's mine. If you're seriously going to try to insult Miley by using a song to make fun of her, I think people'll take you more seriously if you DIDN'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS. Try to make more sense in your sentances? Alright, thanks, bye.

  • Saara Carby
    Saara Carby


  • Saara Carby
    Saara Carby

    jelous! i know i am, shit hot!

  • Crystal M Yates
    Crystal M Yates

    If you people hate her so much then why the hell are you looking at photos of her?

  • selenamileykeshakaty

    She looks like she's about to charge someone... LOVE U MILEY!!!!!!!

  • savy

    That awkward moment before you go on stage when you realize you're still a kid, and no one takes you seriously.

  • GRyde

    Oh please please please learn to type in a language at least close to English!

  • Mimi J. Dominguez
    Mimi J. Dominguez

    Lol you called her monkey face, and her username's bananas2... LMAO >.<

  • Malcolm

    At least she had the right T-Shirt on CHEAP TRICK

  • howard

    she gets a lot of bad press for being young, controversial, trashy on stage and the usual whiner issues. despite her being way young, i think she's a sweet heart and would make a fun date. more than that Miley, and you'd have to make sure you can support me as the total star which i am. we'd be a hot couple. (pensive)

  • idiot


  • idiot

    lol shut up you look lik an ass

  • Tabtiha

    Hun, Cheap Trick is an old band. I'm 14 and even I know that.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moni89

    i personally dnt hate or like miley,, BUT i dnt think she's ugly. so maybe u should check urself before u start critisizing others ;) jus sayin.

  • visitorabc

    Who cares about how old the girl who commented is. If she can dish it than she should be able to take it. If shes old enough to talk sh!t then she should be old enough to be talked about. She has a duck face and I'm not gonna call her ugly because everyone is pretty in their own way, but her looks are not to die for. Moral and conclusion; If you can't take it then you shouldn't dish it.

  • Kay

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  • ElleWood45

    Would everyone just leave the girl alone. She's not ugly and even if you think she is a bitch, don't say she is ugly, it is just rude and you are horrible people for calling someone who is probably no older than 15 or 16 ugly. Miley does look pretty slutty in these pictures and there is no hiding that, but we all have opinions.

  • bananasmell4

    You need to chill with the caps babe, i'd like to see what you say infront of mileys face, she would rock you! You can't speak for yourself babe as you can see your not too flattering either ;) i know i wouldnt touch you.

  • leslie

    haha she is CHEAP!

  • Meggan Hughes
    Meggan Hughes

    a. she not wearing that much makeup

  • krissy

    suck d+++ face again.

  • Chinele

    to bananas2, I really think you are just jealous. Stop calling her names you don't know here. She looks amazing. And she isn't wearing that much make up. I see girls were i live wear pounds of make up.

  • lilan

    come on dont be jealous. for she is good. if u dont like her someone out here do.

  • Carla

    come down guys. It's just a comment AND it's her opinion on Miley Cyrus.

  • briyezz

    okk itt is wrong of u 4 calling her a whore but y r u sayin dat she didnt have any sex wit anyy guyy, or multiple in dat case... r u 1 of her closest friends i dnt thinkk so... wat u should have said is dat its not rite of her to b calling her names because she doesnt know her as a person... if we did know miley like dat den we would probobly have a completly different aspect of her so its wrong 4 dat girl to call her names and im glad u atleast said something to her but if u or anyone in diz pg doesnt know her in da kind of level where we could judge her dont judge her for the outside, shes pRob going through some tough times but u no one knows exept for her what shes going through

  • CC

    OMG! watta face full ov make up!!!MAKE UP MUCCCH!!!!!!

  • Maji

    Ok, like honestly who are you to comment on all of these pictures, saying she's ungly.. a whore and what not! First Of All, Talk About Ugly Look In A Mirror Second Of All, A Whore?... Really A Whore? Has She Had Sex With Multiple People? Has She Given Blow Jobs? Hand Jobs? Has She Been FULLY Nude Anywhere? No, No No, And No! So Watch What Your Saying

  • bananas2


  • bananas2

    She's kind of got a weird nose in this pictue.. haha, whore!