Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
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  • LoveMe

    What's up with her nose in here? Looks so weird !

  • Lilyann

    I don't mind this outfit so much because at her age, people will bear their stomachs sometimes.... It's just the overkill (or underdressed) thing she has going on in many of her other "outfits". It isn't hate on her; it's hate on the system that creates "celebrities" that dress like this to keep famous.

  • Serena

    Have any of you guys ever noticed that she's not this 12 year old girl anymore? She's 19, she's engaged, growing as an actress and musician, and super talented. She's growing up! That's all she' doing! Growing up! Miley's a talented person, and many people don't see that! Miley's music is great, her attitude is great, and she has a good sense of style! Haters may not want to admit it, but, these are true facts. Haters are jealous of her talent! Rock on, Miley Ray Cyrus!

  • Sri Mistified
    Sri Mistified

    tisk tisk...remember jealousy is a sin. Miley is Fit and gorgeous! Let her enjoy it. It's ppl like you who give these girls complexes about their bodies. She is beautiful and obvi takes awesome care of that curvy fit body.

  • Sri Mistified
    Sri Mistified

    Miley is coming into her own. She obviously takes good care of herself and has had a good foundation... not as if this is news worthy, though I just want to say Rock on Miley. You look beautiful and are in your prime live it up girly! Love-n-light! The comment about a muffin top! WHERE>she is gorgeous! I may not like Miley's music or attitude but she does have a rocking style. Let her enjoy it while she has it! Haters are simply jealous!

  • Sierra

    I don't see a problem with that outfit whatsoever....come on guys.

  • Ida

    I thinjk she's pretty.GREAT body!

  • Anastasia

    if i had a rockin body, i'd show it off too i hate miley cyrus, i hate her music and her attitude, but she looks like a babe here its jeans and a t-shirt. chill out bro.

  • anny

    OH! miley what have you done? i used to admire you but now i think that you have nothing because i hate u! now i know what i will do i will buly people if they want something well lets have sex btw! im 7

  • laura

    i love that one lol

  • Ella

    Wait, who's commenting about "muffin tops"? Those are hips.

  • Sammiie

    I want her hair!

  • -_-

    where the hell do you see a muffin top there? i'm not a fan of hers but i think it looks epic. way better than how a girl shaped like a straight plank would wear it

  • Rick Hatfield
    Rick Hatfield

    smokin hot.

  • eve0824


  • Joide

    Muffin tops do not look good with that outfit. js.

  • Zo

    You guys really need to re-read your comments before you post them. Especially you Loooong ass commenters. There is a difference between the words were, where, there, their, and they're. I don't understand how hard it is to get those words right and use them in the proper setting.

  • marriah

    well britney spears was long before miley, girls are growing up faster these days. miley is only being a kid doing what her generation is doing

  • Denitra

    It's funny, how you guys care about how she looks like. Because she don't choose what she wants to wear. Her people does and they choose it to look good for the fan. She's 18 or 19 (I don't know i forgot) And her songs changed and shes done with Hannah Montana and Disney. Shes not gonna be freaking 45yrs old and still be disney.

  • Karen :)
    Karen :)

    she looks scared.. lmfao

  • Jess

    id dress like that if i had her figure!

  • Bayowolf

    Ouch, That's harsh....and more than a little judgmental! The band Cheap Trick may have chosen the name for its innuendo, in their early years, for its appeal to juvenile, rock & roll crazed boys, but I doubt Miley chose the shirt for the same reason. Did it ever occur to anyone that she might actually like the band? I grew up listening to Cheap Trick (I was one of those rock & roll crazed boys!), and I love their music. Even if Miley did wear the shirt for its innuendo, she is not like most other Hollywood celebs who are in & out of rehab, or having legal troubles, or sleeping around (if she was, sites like this would undoubtedly tell us about it! Ease up on the judgmental personal attacks, unless you actually know Miley in person and are qualified to make such judgment. The worst anyone could accuse her of is being a tease.

  • EragonsMommy92

    HAH! Cheap trick is right!!!

  • Julianna Ortega
    Julianna Ortega

    The problem isnt that now she is doing it if she would have started been sexy at this age now that she is 18 no one would have told her anything cuz thats the age britney started getting sexy look at britneys first two albums when she was 16 and 17 and compare them with how miley dressed at that age you can say she is just like britney britney got super sexy until slave for you and she was already 20 the problem is miley started growing up to fast she was only 16 and appearing half nude on magazines and razy pics came out about her online apart from dat dating guys that where much older than her and on their 20s when she was only 16. britney never did dat she dated justin and they were the same age and we never saw half nude pics of her yeah she got crazy but she was already a grown women miley isnt.

  • chantale

    whats up with her nosee?? :P

  • Crystal Lindsey
    Crystal Lindsey

    Thank You!!! I totally agree. I love her too

  • KapTen

    Her hair is longer than her shirt

  • Ana

    I don't like how people are hounding her because of Hannah Montana. Okay, Miley is not with Disney any more... meaning she's not Hannah Montana. She wants to take a different direction with her life, not continue to prance around in front of a camera with a blonde wig on to entertain children. Disney may have given her her big break... but she's done with it. Let Miley alone, she wants to grow up! If growing up for her means wearing what ever the hell she wants, then let her be! I'm not too into her music, but I do think it's quite unfair how she's getting so much hate when she's not doing anything wrong! I wish her the best of luck with her career. :)

  • U-So-Stupid

    It's a play on words... dumbass!

  • Mememememe

    How.. Cheap trick is a band dumbass..

  • sparky

    Her shirt says it all

  • Brittany

    I agree , if you have a problem with her then why even bother looking her uhp ? I respect Miley for who she is not what she wears .

  • Brittany

    I used to watch my lil sister and all she would watch was Hannah Montana. And after a while i got used to it , and now i see her like this and it just makes me wonder how people can do this , but seriously leave her alone , let her be her , and if you don't like it , then dont go looking her uhp .

  • Saara Carby
    Saara Carby

    she soooo isnt.

  • youdontneedtoknow

    She'sss buttersss:/

  • Katelyn Morrison
    Katelyn Morrison

    Wtf would she wanna be 18 almost 19 singing about ponies for little kids I'm 18 still in high school and i know i wanna party Hannah Montana is the role model not miley.Leave her alone i still love miley because a true fan wouldn't care and will still support her no matter what

  • Kay

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  • krissy