Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
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  • Ellie Pelensky
    Ellie Pelensky

    It was a character! Jees people!

  • Debra

    I think that she is so disgusting! I really don't want to see her crotch! She is definately a Scum, just like a prostitute! GROSS!

  • veejay

    So sad... she's so young & her vagina's already sagging out of her clothes :(

  • jasminadams

    shut the fuck up sound dum bitch suck a dick

  • naden

    ok well there is a naked picture of selena gomez, i seen it, and its so funny how you all say that mileys a hoe and selenas not(fake laugh) selena just wants tobe like miley and latley shes been doing a good job at that!she dresses like miley now and it looks good on miley but not on selena oh no!

  • ....

    she was in 100 degree weather, huh, darling get a clue thats boiling point, she would be dead!

  • emuse

    maybe it's because miley cyrus is fucking gross and has fucked up teeth. you don't see selena gomez or any of the other girls that were on disney channel at the same time (except vanessa hudgens, who is a slut) out there with nude pictures and scandals all over the internet. and i'm sure people would actually want to see selena naked.

  • naden

    damn she looks really good=]

  • Ane

    MILEY is totally awesome. i love her style. shes 18. she can dress like that without being a hoe. does she sleep around? no. last time i checked, sleeping around is required to be a hoe.

  • Jasmine

    That sweet innocent girl grew up into a normal teenager/young adult lol happens all the time, same with every other girl you see on the beach wearing a swimsuit/bikini

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    I think these outfits are great, she looks great in them all, if you can pull a outfit like these off why not i would, ROCK ON Miley Cyrus:)

  • Sarah Bagel
    Sarah Bagel

    I don't get what everyone is so annoyed about she's a teenager and it's just because she's in the public eye that everyone is so outraged about what she wares and what she does, ok some things she has done aren't right but it's all about being a teenager being young and having fun!

  • Adriana Moreira
    Adriana Moreira


  • CKardashian

    so what if she'll be wearing skimpy clothes!shes a celebrity she can do whatever she wants!shes livin her life at its best limit!soo shuthe***up yaall.

  • Sabrina

    If you people had lives maybe you wouldn't be here arguing over miley cyrus. this is for both haters and lovers of her.

  • Josie Alvarez
    Josie Alvarez

    Your HELLA UGLY GIRL . - no coment -

  • James


  • Joanne

    18 or not NO ONE should ever dress like that. Being an adult doesn't make it okay:) Sorry to break it to you guys.

  • Belieber

    OMG guys cant we just get along. Geez, stop picking on bananas shes only giving her comments on the miley pictures. Isnt that what we're supposed to do?!

  • racquel

    oh godd .. your all just little annoying jelous girls grow up stop hatin gets you nowhere in life, and if you dont like her , dont look @ pics.. not that hard

  • omg you so freaking cool i want to be you.
    omg you so freaking cool i want to be you.

    you should stop with your stupid comments everyone hates you. congrats that must take some skill because we dont even know you.

  • smilerdep

    just perfect! <3

  • Asister Marrhiane Lambert
    Asister Marrhiane Lambert

    stop making fron of miley....if your a hater why would you just leave miley alone..

  • Yarz

    * fake laugh* that was not funny at old are you anyway???

  • ...

    Wow, you are a hypocrite. "You need to get yourself a life because all you do is comment on her pictures" Is that NOT what you are doing? Its a freaking website, you don't know each other, so just SHUT UP

  • super fish
    super fish

    Katie, must I remind you that you're doing the same thing?

  • Karen :)
    Karen :)

    youre fucking RETARTED. no life, i swearr.

  • John Long
    John Long

    With a look like that, she has to have the worlds LARGEST wedgie

  • Guesty

    Ahhahaha I love how they get the worst photos of her all the time...

  • Diane Skiba
    Diane Skiba

    she looks like a man and her voice sounds like a man

  • Personn

    Wooow Everyone is wastingg yalls timee..being stupidd everyone has opinionsss..No need to fight over a stupid celebrity..I dont likee her cuz she changedd a lott but that doesnt mean you have to be rude.. if i think she looks like a slut well that me not u soo quit being retarded. Not everybody likess Mileyy so stfu..

  • Jaeie

    Oh, shut up. Fashion can be horribly misguided. The 80's, anyone?

  • zoe5

    @bananas2 you are a real loseerrrr can't you do anything than comment on lovely Miley??!!

  • American

    Whoever you are you are a very ughly person on the inside. That was uncall for. We are all humans and deserve to converse here without being attacked by idoits such as yourself. Go find some happiness, maybe you will learn to enjoy life and other people before you die.

  • jay-mia

    i agree wit bannana 2 being modest is wat attracts guys to u not being imodest.

  • some kid
    some kid

    Im not gonna lie I looked through here to see if she had any nip slips lol, but ya'll need to chill the fuck out god damn. And its not really "fashion" if it was, you would see every teenage female wearing something like this and walking through the mall with what seems to just be underwear on. What this is is just a revealing outfit she wore for a performance, I dont think she would ware it in public, so just chill out, and really stop bashing on bananas2, are you all that immature? Really? I think she looks cute personally

  • Kate

    you dumbfuck, nobody forgot their pants! fyi what she's wearing, it's call fashion! what the hell is wrong with you, think you're funny with your sarcasm, not even funny! go get a rgocery bag and put your head in it, you're so ugly!

  • Belieber

    I agree with you. She can prove to the world that she is not little Hannah Montana anymore, and that she has matured, but really Miley, don't be a skank and wear that way risque and stripper clothes. Your 18!

  • Felicia Renee
    Felicia Renee

    Or maybe you should pick clothes that actually fit. Her clothes are properly fitted, it's called a fashion statement dipshit. Maybe you should learn a thing or two about fashion.

  • chelsea

    at least she's wearing a shirt

  • genvieve12

    Anyone jealous of Miley Cyrus, really needs to get a clue. And a therapist.

  • chantale

    hate her .. she is doing things not for her agee !! a stranger will not guess that her age is 17 he will think 24

  • Layla

    Whoever chose these pictures for the article.. really musta disliked Miley Cyrus, lol

  • ...

    agreed (: so go get ur slef a life bannanas2, if ur not beta then her then dun insult her. becuz so far wat i c, u dont look much.

  • Katie

    Youre fucking weird all you do is sit here and comment on all pictures of miley cyrus...someones a little jealousss. ( you )

  • kristan

    she was in 100 degree weather god yu people dont know how to just shut tha fuck up really i dont see her vag. i dont see her boobs an i dont see her ass so i think shes good im 21 years old an ive seen way worse clothes worn by younger people goin to tha damn grocery store shes on a stage preformin a song for people who love her , an i love how people keep callin her fake an slutty ... do yu people know her personally do yu hang out wid her do yu know what she does in her personal time . no , yu just know what yu see in mags an on tv an pictures like these havent yu ever heard tha sayin dont judge a book by its cover . an one more thing , people keep sayin shit about her "makin daddy proud" im sure she is they seem like a happy fam if he wasnt happy wid her or proud im sure he wouldnt be suportin everything she does . get a damn life grow up an worry about yurselves an not other people

  • Alison Sargent
    Alison Sargent

    Who dress's this girl? Yea, she's "cute" but what's with the 1930's bathing suits not liked then, even less now. Not to be cruel, she's got long legs, hips, a waist, and bimples at the top. Find a good designer. Empha-size, the legs and small waist be classy with the rest.

  • Tori

    she needs to stop dressing like this or stop being the idole od little girls!

  • Tabtiha

    It's called singing with emotion !!!!!! Pleople !!!!!!!!! Besides I like her better like this. The old Miley was a fake Disney Star this is the real Miley I used to like her now I love her !!!!!!!

  • bfg666

    Is she constipated?

  • Jesus

    Miley sex sells, but sweetie you should not prostitute yourself your so much better than that, remember who you are in God's eyes

  • moni89

    haha..i second that ;) I agree also!

  • stazzieable
  • momo

    miley show is ugly lol she got some ugly teeth

  • Tiffany Jones Ferrell
  • fjsdkfjasdkl15678

    @bananas2 and your ugly! and i think your parents forgot to put your fugly ass up for adoption when you were born. how can your mother even hug you, your such a disgrace?

  • shama

    Miley Cyrus? that aint her..what happen to the sweet inncent girl from Hannah Montana. Miley love to show herself alot

  • krissy

    This is her rock star image correct? Since when have any of her songs been so +british accent+ HEAVY METAL

  • lilan

    she is prettier than BANANAS. ride on gal

  • Carla

    Well, i mean it looks cute but please buy your clothes one size bigger, Miley.

  • David2


  • bananas2

    Cute! But I think she forgot her pants!?